Knotfest Bracket Challenge: The Maggots have decided their favorite Slipknot studio album

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Culture on February 8, 2021

After a month of voting, fans have determined which Slipknot studio album is their all-time favorite.

The third and final round to find the ultimate, fan-favorite Slipknot studio album pitted two of the band’s most revered albums against one another. The landscape-altering Self-Titled debut went head-to-head with the band’s colossal 2004 full length ‘Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)’.

Sorting through the thousands of votes that poured in and revisiting the catalog of one of heavy music’s most transformative bands, the Maggots have made their decision with regards to just which one album remains their unwavering favorite.

Slipknot’s Self-Titled debut has been voted as the fan-favorite studio album. The 1999 LP marked a significant cultural shift in the sphere of heavy music and has since changed the game forever. Since it’s release, the album has gone onto amass platinum sales in multiple countries around the world and has influenced an entire generation of musicians. Produced by Ross Robinson, the iconic collection of songs are regarded as essentials in the lexicon of the modern era of metal music.

Stream the album – HERE

The Knotfest Bracket Challenge is a weekly, tiered voting destination that will allow the fans to make the determination on what albums, musicians, tracks, and shows are among their favorites – settling crucial debate within the universe of heavy culture – until the next argument surfaces.

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