Update: Lamb of God reveal new trailer for ‘Live In Richmond’ concert DVD

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on February 5, 2021

The three-disc offering will include a deluxe edition of the band’s 2020 self-titled album which features two bonus tracks, a live album from the band’s global streaming event, and a DVD of the performance in it’s entirety.

Lamb of God released one of the most important album of 2020 and now the band has announced plans to release a deluxe edition of complete with two bonus songs.

Set to arrive on March 26th, the three-disc package is a comprehensive offering that includes the self titled album bolstered by the bonus tracks, “Ghost Shaped People” and “Hyperthermic/Accelerate”.

The second disc captures the band’s incendiary live performance from the their colossal global streaming event. Offering a live translation of the self-titled album in full, the band also gave fans an encore that featured four songs including “Ruin,” “Contractor,” “512,” and the live debut of “The Death Of Us,” a new track the band conceptualized and completed in quarantine for the Bill & Ted Face The Music soundtrack. 

The third disc in the collection will feature a director’s cut that captures the ferocity of Lamb of God’s live performance. In addition to the performance of the self-titled album, the presentation includes bonus footage captured during the filming of the event.

“This album, and in particular, this deluxe edition is something I’m incredibly proud of,” says guitarist Willie Adler. “Throughout the process of writing, recording, and the subsequent filming of the live stream, I knew we were creating much more than a collection of songs. Much more than a simple streamed performance. This was focused energy. Energy that, to me, is very tangible. And now, more than ever, in an era where human interaction is so limited, art…..be it music, visual, or otherwise, is a human connection point. And we need as much of that as possible! I hope everyone enjoys this deluxe edition as much as we enjoyed creating it. Thank you.”

For the true audiophile, a vinyl version of the Live In Richmond experience will also be available. Digital versions of the deluxe edition will only be limited to the audio portion of the package.

Pre-order Lamb of God the Deluxe Edition featuring the Live In Richmond CD/DVD – HERE .

Watch the trailer for the release below.

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