Leafar Seyer of PRAYERS curates his list of Heavy Essentials

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Artist Playlists on October 16, 2020

The voice of Prayers lays out some of the staples of goth with a timeless collection featuring the likes of Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Christian Death, Killing Joke and Type O Negative.

As the pioneering voice of the CholoGoth movement, Leafar Seyer of PRAYERS makes no apologies for the kind of musical macabre that has steered his creative path.

With the recent release of tracks like, “La Vida Es Un Sueno” and the collaboration with Oddly Shrugs in “Nightfall,” the enigmatic frontman is again championing an aggressive, alluring meld of goth-tinged dark wave that modernizes a classic sound.

To get an understanding of Seyer’s musical DNA, he has curated a list of goth-heavy essentials that run parallel to the sensibilities of metal fans. Heavy, brooding, and bombastic, the following collection offers a fluid translation of just why the genre remains so full of mystique.

Read Seyer’s entries below then find the streaming links below.


“Don’t Fall” – The Chameleons  Seyer – I just love the intro to this song and I thought it be a great track to kick off my playlist with.

“More” – The Sisters of Mercy  Seyer – What a great a fuckin’ band and their name just as bad ass! My playlist was gonna consist of only Sisters of Mercy but I was informed that that’s not a playlist. 

“Deathwish” Christian Death  Seyere – Christian Death is my all time favorite band with Rozz Williams on Vox! It doesn’t get any better than this! Poetry written on flesh with a razor blade! 

“Spider and the Fly” London after Midnight  Seyere – This song is the epitome of Goth Rock. 

“I Don’t Wanna Be Me”- Type O Negative  Seyer – Fuck! Everything about this song is perfection! Long live Peter Steele! 

“Lucretia My Reflection” – The Sister of Mercy  I’m gonna add all the Sisters of Mercy that I can into this playlist and you’ll love me for it! 

“Romeo’s Distress” – Christian Death  This is the first song that blew my mind. Lyrically it scared me and intrigued me all at the same time. My life changed when I first heard this track, I mean look at me. 

“Your Best Nightmare” – London After Midnight   Seyere – London After Midnight and Christian Death are both from LA and they’re why I moved to the City of Angels. 

“Black No.1” – Type O Negative  Seyere – Can masculinity be sexy? Fuck yeah it can be just listen to this track! 

“The Calling MKll” – Death In June  Seyer – This song plays in my head every time I walk into a room full of strangers. Angels Cower when this song is heard in heaven. 

“Paper Tigers” – The Chameleons  Seyer – The guitar is so fucking hypnotic on this track. This song could make clouds appear and rain in the most barren of deserts. 

“Swamp Thing” – The Chameleons UK  Seyer – The guitar on this track is beautiful! You can play this track in a rose garden that hasn’t blossomed and it’ll bloom. 

“Love Like Blood” – Killing Joke  Seyer – When I was asked to do this play list for Knotfest. I was told to think like a metal head so I tried my hardest to stay away from synths and I focused mostly on guitars. So here we are “Love Like Blood” the name says it all! 

“Adrenalin” – Bauhaus  Seyer – This song is heavy as fuck and it’ll go toe to toe with any metal track. 

“Kiss” – London After Midnight  Seyer – Ok so I fucking love this band if you can’t tell by this playlist. 

“Temple of Love” – The Sisters of Mercy  Seyer – This song comes for you like a lightning bolt straight to the core and leaves you asking for more! 

“Dark Entries” – Bauhaus  Seyer – The guitar on this track is like a cloud of bats coming at you because you’ve entered their cave and disturbed their slumber. 

“Moonchild” – Fields of Nephilim  Seyer – This is me thinking to myself would a metal head like this track? I don’t know if they would but I fuckin’ love it! 

“She Said Destroy” – Death is in June  Seyer – This song is like the howling of jackals. 

“She’s in Parties” – Bauhaus  Seyer – This is my favorite Bauhaus song so I had to put it in my playlist. Plus the quitar pulls on my heart strings.  

“The Sparrows and The Nightingales” – Wolfsheim  Seyer – I wanted my playlist to start off more on the heavy/ aggressive side and as it got closer to the end for it to mellow out. So the tracks from here on will get sexier and a bit romantic just like this song. 

“Find You’re Gone” – Wolfsheim  Seyer – Wolfsheim back to back fuck yeah! I used to think he was saying I found your gun. That’s so PRAYERS of me. 

“Forever Came Today” – Shadow Project  Seyer – Rozz Williams and Eva O need I say more? 

“Candy Darling” – Daniel Ash  Seyer – I almost ended the playlist with this beautiful and sexy song. This song is just magick. Magick with a capital K.

“Birth of a Vampire” – The Heavens Seyer – This is the only contemporary band on my playlist but their sound is timeless, immortal like a vampire.