Listen to Deftones’ Chino Moreno guest on Trippie Redd’s rock debut for the track “Geronimo”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Uncategorized on February 19, 2021

The Travis Barker-produced album serves as the deluxe edition of Pegasus and marks Trippie’s first full rock effort with the help of some very hefty guest features.

The deluxe version of Tripe Redd’s Pegasus in Neon Shark Vs. Pegasus has officially made it’s debut. The Travis Barker-produced effort marks Trippie’s official venture into the rock realm and the features on the album suggest that the record is no fluke.

With guests that include the likes of Machine Gun Kelly (of which Barker is a regular collaborator), trap metal sensation Scarlxrd, and Zillakami to name a few, Trippie also enlisted the help of Deftones frontman Chino Moreno for the fifth cut off the album entitled, “Geronimo”.

In a recent appearance on Shirley’s Temple with host Shirley Ju, Trippie explained how his love for Deftones resulted in a joint effort. “Basically, one of my favourite bands is Deftones, and they made an album called [White] Pony, so I like the fact that they used just, you know, some type of animal to symbolize what they felt on the album.”

Trippie’s Neon Shark Vs. Pegasus is now available. Stream the Chino Moreno collaborative track “Geronino” below.

1. Pill Breaker featuring Blackbear and Machine Gun Kelly
2. Without You
3. Swimming
4. Female Shark
5. Geronimo featuring Chino Moreno
6. Sea World
7. Red Sky featuring Machine Gun Kelly
8. Megladon
9. Save Yourself
10. Dreamer
11. It’s Coming
12. Leaders
13. Frozen Ocean
14. Dead Desert featuring Scarlrxd and Zillakami