Mandatory Jams – September 11th

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 11, 2020

Get familiar with a quick collection of songs released this week that should not be missed.

It is time to dig into the collection of quality music released for the week of September 11th. With offerings from side projects, emerging prospects, and established veterans, here is a proper presentation of highlights that merit more than one spin.

Eighteen Visions – “Sink”

The second showing since the band’s 2017 return, Eighteen Visions has set an October 2nd release date for their concept EP entitled, Inferno. Taking inspirational cues from Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, the first single “Sink” is a nostalgic drubbing complete with the kind breakdowns that propelled the band to career heights.

Nothing – “Say Less”

The first offering from the band’s quarantine-recorded effort, The Great Dismal, “Say Less” is yet another brilliant example of the band’s ability to making something haunting, strangely inviting. The track is lush, immersive, and flexes subtle melody with while keeping things eerily dark.

Bloodbather – “Silence”

Broward County’s buzzworthy Bloodbather have asserted their presence among a ferocious new generation of metalcore bands with previous releases like “Disappear” and “Void.” The band’s latest haymaker, “Silence” serves as the title track for their October 9th Rise Records’ EP. The track swings with conviction and asserts that the combination of Kyler Millo and Salem Vex ate not playing a part..

Bent Sea – “Quietus”

The ambitious solo project of Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth/Cadaver), Bent Sea is the mincer behind the Instagrind series unveiling the recorded works with Dirk at the creative helm. The fourth in the series, “Quietus” features At The Gates’ Tomas Lindberg, and Nasum’s Jesper Liveröd in a blistering 1-minute plus track that is an all out assault.

Dark Tranquility – “Phantom Days”

Sweden’s melodic death metal veterans Dark Tranquillity have announced their twelfth-studio album with the release of the first track, “Phantom Days.” Epic fretwork, nuanced song dynamics, and unique narrative quality, double down on why the band has remained relevant for such a long time.

War On Women – “Wonderful Hell”

Equally anthemic and antagonistic, “Wonderfull Hell” serves as the title track for sophomore release from Baltimore’s War On Women. The timely social examination is set to a potent serving of metallic punk that emphasizes the current sense of frustration that is permeating thought country. While asserting a social consciousness is nothing new, War On Women manage to do it with a sense of sincerity that translates in their sound.