Mastodon debuts the first episode of their own cooking show

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 16, 2020

Watch as Troy Sanders becomes Chef Troyardee and serves up the goods to celebrate the release of the band’s compilation, Medium Rarities.

To celebrate the release of Mastodon’s career-spanning compilation of covers, instrumental versions some of their most beloved songs, and live recordings, Mastodon’s Troy Sanders hosted the very first episode of Cooking with Mastodon.

Tackling album promotion with some humor and levity shouldn’t undermine the fact that the band is celebrate 20 years of success as one of heavy music’s most praised contributors. The compilation serves the band well in highlighting not only the different eras of the band, but the quality of music that has remained consistent throughout their decades long tenure.

Though Chef Troyardee is a much better with music than he is in the culinary arts, the promo video is just another example of why Mastodon is such a rad band.

Medium Rarities is currently available – HERE. Watch the first episode of ‘Cooking with Mastodon’ below.