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8 Kalacas introduce skacore to the masses with “R2rito”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on December 6, 2021

The band’s Atomic Fire Records’ debut showcases how brass can be brutal.

Much like the vast, varied Southern California cultural landscape that produced them, 8 Kalacas (pronounced Ocho Kalacas) a shining example of how counter culture transforms the least likely combinations into something authentic and energized.

Cultivating their rank among the underground and those in the know, the Orange County, California collective has been earning their stripes since 2003 with a potent, pulverizing meld of punk confrontation, ska instrumentation and metallic fury that has earned the band a management deal with Devildriver frontman Dez Fafara’s Oracle Managament (Cradle Of Filth, Jinjer, The 69 Eyes).

Set to introduce the niche speciality in skacore to an even broader audience, the band has announced their recent signing to Atomic FIre Records and forged their partnership with the release of the introductory single, “R2rito”. Fusing down-tuned guitars, galloping punk percussion and brass like trumpet and trombone, Ocho Kalacas create a corrosive concoction in a five-minute banger that translates like a well-timed middle finger.

“This song is for all the people who are tired of the same routine day-in and day-out. We become robotic slaves to industry and the casualty of it all is our ambition. There will never be growth in a system designed for clockwork obedience,” explains the band’s trumpet-wielding Choriz.

The single serves as the first sample from the band’s forthcoming full length, their third effort overall. Fronteras is set to arrive on March 25th, 2022 via Atomic Fire Records and serves to document the divisiveness that plagues society on both a literal and figurative level.

The band speaks of the commentary that underscores their antagonistic stance on the album, “We see it every day in the streets. There are homeless people living under bridges while hundreds of buildings remain empty throughout the city. We see businesses and politicians make decisions that affect millions of people while their jobs are safe, and their security is stable. This country is filled with class division, racial division, sexist division and you don’t have to go far to see that reality.”  

They continue, “We sing about the literal borders that so many countries enforce, that keep humans separated and discriminated against. But we also sing about the borders in our head that keep us from being happy or that keep us from believing that we are worthy people capable of doing more than what society tells us we can do.”

Reiterating the same diversity that nurtured the band, the collision of various styles that comprise 8 Kalacas is less spectacle than it is substantive. While it might be jarring to see a trombone blaring the circle pit, there is no gimmick here – 8 Kalacas are the real deal and dead set on making believers one show at a time.

Trailblazing frontman Dez Fafara, who has cultivated a career championing individuality and coloring outside the lines, instantly saw the merit in the band fusing such contrasting styles in such a fluid way,”The combination of heavy metal, done in punk rock fashion with a ska twist and a horn section… you would have to be blind to not see the special combination of influences the band was mashing up! Then I caught them live and couldn’t believe how out of control the crowd was, how tight the band was, and how special this whole vibe surrounding them is. I was in!”

Fronteras arrives March 25th, 2022 on Atomic Fire Records. Stream/save the new single “R2rito” from 8 Kalacas – HERE

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