Bad Wolves deliver one of their heaviest tracks to date with "House of Cards" - Knotfest

Bad Wolves deliver one of their heaviest tracks to date with “House of Cards”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on October 5, 2021

The second single follows “Lifeline” and asserts that the new era of the band is here to stay.

While most the headlines involving Bad Wolves seem to fixate on the ongoing beef between the band’s former vocalist Tommy Vext and the pending lawsuits between management and the now distanced singer – the band themselves seem to be focused on their next chapter.

Last month, Bad Wolves introduced their next album in Dear Monsters, the first recoded effort with former Acacia Strain alum  DL Laskiewicz. The band would assert where they stood with their former frontman buy debunking his claims of racism and manipulation, essentially putting the talking point to bed before moving on with the business of showcasing their next chapter. Commencing the album’s promotional cycle with the release of “Lifeline“.

If there was any skepticism as to how the band would fair in their latest iteration with DL at the helm, the last month has proved that Bad Wolves continues to be a juggernaut, with “Lifeline” racking up more than a million views in the short month it has been out.

Now, Bad Wolves have delivered a second offering from Dear Monsters and it’s is arguably one of their heaviest showings to date in “House of Cards”. Complete with a dynamic performance from DL, the fluid shift from melodic choruses to his rousing roar heaved atop the crunch of the band’s dual-guitar attack make for a bruising track that suggest the band is out for blood.

Speaking on the singer’s new post with the band and the instant chemistry, Bad Wolves offered high praise of Laskiewicz. “DL is one of the most talented and hard-working people we have ever had the pleasure to know. He is a team player, a creative force, and overall a great human being who fits perfectly with our BW family. It feels incredible to be surrounded with such positive energy and the music we’ve made is certainly reflective of this new-found optimism and collaborative spirit.”

The band continued by explaining how Dear Monsters is not only the newest iteration of Bad Wolves, but the most accurate presentation of band’s potential thus far. “This new album shows a more cohesive and unique reflection of the band. There is a lot to prove and expectations are high with a new singer coming in. And we nailed it. We are sure you will agree that this is our best album yet.”

Dear Monsters arrives on October 29th via Better Noise Music. Pre-order the album – HERE. Stream the second single from the album below in the crushing “House of Cards”.