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Bad Wolves introduce ‘Dear Monsters’ with the first single, “Lifeline”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 8, 2021

The band begins their next chapter with a powerful performance from new frontman DL Laskiewicz.

Platinum-selling hard rock unit Bad Wolves has officially began their next chapter with the announcement of their third full length studio album entitled, Dear Monsters.

Earlier this summer, the band announced the recruitment of Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz formerly of The Acacia Strain, as the new frontman for the collective following the unceremonious departure of former vocalist, Tommy Vext.

The messy split has added an element of controversy to the release, with Vext recently filing a hefty lawsuit against the band’s manager Allen Kovac, alleging racism and breach of contract. Vehemently denying those allegations, Kovac recently filed a suit of his own against Vext for his recent leak of the unreleased Bad Wolves track, “Better Off This Way”.

Earlier this week, Bad Wolves finally addressed the ongoing conflict via their social media platform while simultaneously looking towards the future with the news of the album’s announcement being shared. The band referred to Vext’s “never-ending temper tantrums on social media” and instances of emotional and physical abuse. The statement included three specific instances where Vext’s assertions against the band are contradicted with Bad Wolves clarifying,

·         Ten of the 13 songs on our first album Disobey were musically written and recorded before Tommy ever joined the band.

·         “Killing Me Slowly” is an example of a song done in collaboration with outside writers.  Tommy changed a few lyrics and then publicly claimed to be the mastermind behind the song.  That is false, which is why others, including members from the band, are credited on the track.

·         When we were shooting the video for “Better Off This Way (feat. Dorothy)” [a song co-written by Doc Coyle, John Boecklin and Brandon Sammons], Tommy refused to let any other members be in the video.  Then, to make matters worse, he illegally leaked it after quitting the band.

Though working though the adversity of the situation, Bad Wolves does seemed primed for success with their third effort. Keeping the tone a bit more optimistic, the band shared the first single from the effort to properly announce the October 29th arrival date of Dear Monsters via Better Noise Music.

“Lifeline” follows in the band’s M.O. of arena-sized hooks heaved atop the fretwork of Doc Coyle and Chris Cain. As for the introduction of the band’s new vocalist, the transition has been an auspicious one. “DL is one of the most talented and hard-working people we have ever had the pleasure to know.  He is a team player, a creative force, and overall a great human being who fits perfectly with our BW family. It feels incredible to be surrounded with such positive energy and the music we’ve made is certainly reflective of this new-found optimism and collaborative spirit.  This new album shows a more cohesive and unique reflection of the band. There is a lot to prove and expectations are high with a new singer coming in. And we nailed it. We are sure you will agree that this is our best album yet.”

Lasckiewicz’s connection to Bad Wolves traces back to the band’s 2019 studio album N.A.T.I.O.N., for which he was credited. An accomplished songwriter and producer in his own right, he’s also worked on projects with All That Remains, Legion, and For the Fallen Dreams. He now begins his tenure with Bad Wolves as the the forecast, based on “Lifeline” looks promising.

Dear Monsters drops October 29th via Better Noise Music. Pre-order the album – HERE