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Behemoth frontman Nergal scores a legal victory contesting his blasphemy case

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 14, 2021

A Polish judge has ruled that the extreme metal vocalist case be dismissed following his conviction earlier this year.

Extreme metal vocalist and articulate antagonist Nergal of Behemoth has scored a big legal victory in the way of free speech and artistic freedom with the recent dismissal of his Blasphemy conviction from earlier this year.

Though initially convicted back in February of “offending religious feelings” in a ruling issued by a Polish court without an actual hearing, the frontman sought to appeal the conviction and even launched the the Ordo Blasfemia fund – designed as a resource for other Polish artists that needed help with defense fees, court costs, and additional resources for those found in violation of Paragraph 196 of the Polish Criminal Code. 

As for the blasphemy charge in question, Nergal’s charges stemmed from a photo the frontman posted to his Instagram profile of his show stepping on a photo of the Virgin Mary. As a result, Nergal was forced to pay nearly $5,000 dollars (US) in court costs and fees. However, Nergal pursued lengthy efforts to contest the ruling with a Polish judge agreeing that Nergal was not in violation.

The judge specified that photo posted by Nergal was available only via his own social media and visible to a specific group of people who opt to follow Nergal and have seen and understand the accompanying disclaimer, “The content presented on this profile may offend your religious and other feelings. If you don’t want that to happen, stop following me.”

Acknowledging his legal triumph, Nergal again took to is social media to express his satisfaction with the result. “Case DISMISSED. There’s NOTHING controversial about the jury’s verdict so fuckin’ DEAL with it. AFTER ALL we live in civilized and democratic country… still. Common sense beats the shit out of fundamentalist agenda which means on more step towards Poland remaining a secular state! Moreover, I know it’s like talking to the wall but to all my adversaries: don’t give me that ‘do the same with Koran’ bullshit coz it’s old and irrelevant. I keep on spamming here coz I simply LOVE polarization between half of u dear followers congratulating me for the battle won and the other half… that would love see me crucifucked.”