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Boris delivers ethereal new track “Beyond Good and Evil”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on January 17, 2022

Wata taps into the history of her hometown of Hiroshima on a single that is massive in scope.

Long-tenured Japanese antagonists Boris are set to unveil their latest collection of tracks with, W, set to arrive on January 21st via Sacred Bones Records.

Ahead of the album’s release, the band has shared an emotive, ethereal single in “Beyond Good and Evil”. Stylistically, the track offers a stark contrast to the articulate assault of noise that Boris has become synonymous with. For the band’s architect Wata, the track showcases her personal connection to her hometown of Hiroshima – sourcing the city’s ruinous history in what amounts to a sincere embrace of her surroundings.

The band shared, “There is a vast magnitude in a huge mushroom cloud and in decaying ruins. We feel both the sadness and beauty of these things at the same time; that is who we are. This video was made from the perspective of a mushroom cloud. The album “W” focuses on Wata ’s vocals – and she is from HIROSHIMA.”

W completes the statement Boris began in 2020 with the release of their critically-acclaimed return to form in NO. The self-released effort was regarded as one of the band’s most extreme assertions in their storied career. Armed with unique foresight, Boris named the final track on NO, “Interlude,” to serve as a segue between NO and the eventual release of W – thus completing their statement.

In short, the band released arguably their heaviest record during one of the most turbulent times in recorded history and are now prepping to release it’s melodically methodical companion. “Beyond Good and Evil” serves as a stunning showing of the band’s versatility and range – in addition to their thriving longevity and enduring relevance.

W will be released January 21st, 2022 via Sacred Bones Records.  Pre-order the album here.

W tracklisting
1.  I Want to Go to the Side Where You Can Touch…
2.  Icelina
3.  Drowning by Numbers
4.  Invitation
5.  The Fallen
6.  Beyond Good and Evil
7.  Old Projector
8.  You Will Know (Ohayo Version)
9.  Jozan

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