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Coffin Feeder Drops Malicious New Single “Plug It In”

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in News on January 7, 2022

The new outfit fronted by Aborted vocalist Sven de Caluwé delves into the macabre with a new single that recounts the murderous crimes of Ottis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas.

Coffin Feeder is the brutal new death metal project featuring Aborted vocalist Sven de Caluwé and members of grinders Leng Tch’e and goofy metalcore band Fleddy Melculy. Visceral and serial-killer obsessed, the band offers up a sacrifice in the form of their new single “Plug It In” off their forthcoming EP Stereo Homicide.

Vocalist Sven de Caluwé weighs in on the song, which got its title from movie Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer:

“‘Plug It In’ was actually the first song ever written under the Coffin Feeder name. It clearly embodies the sounds of the bands we all come from. From grind to groove to a punishing breakdown, you tell us if you will PLUG IT IN! A Stereo Homicide song wouldn’t be complete without lyrics about a serial killer duo, and this one focuses on the disturbing tales of Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole. We’d recommend not hiking along any highways while blasting this ditty!”

Stereo Homicide delves to the depravity of humanity and highlights the heinous acts of serial killer duos. “Plug It In” focuses on Ottis Toole and Henry Lee Lucas who were convicted of six counts of murder.

Previously released single “Toolbox” tells the tale of Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris – the Tool Box Killers, who kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed five teenage girls in Southern California over a period of five months in 1979.

Stereo Homicide will be unleashed upon the world on January 28th. You can pick up your copy HERE, but, mayhaps, establish a safe word prior to spinning.

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