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Deftones introduce 8th collaboration beer with Belching Beaver – ‘Ceremony’ DDH Hazy IPA

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on August 20, 2021

The latest in the succession of Deftones-driven beers takes inspirational cues from the band’s most recent masterpiece, Ohms with a double-dry hopped Hazy that crushes.

Deftones have again teamed with Southern California-Based craft brewery Belching Beaver to unveil their 8th collaboration effort, ‘Ceremony’.

The profile features a double-dry hopped Hazy IPA that reiterates the band’s penchant for tropical flavors in especially juicy beers. “Ceremony has a nice mélange of tropical fruit notes like mango, pineapple, and guava,” said Rick Blankemeier Quality Assurance Manager at Belching Beaver Brewery.  “It also has a touch of strawberry and grapefruit in there.” “The mouthfeel is pillowy soft and has a rich body that fades away nicely on the palate.” 

The working partnership between Deftones and Belching Beaver dates back to the initial collaboration effort with the 2016 launch of their very first branded beer, Phantom Bride. The success of the IPA ultimately made it so that the Deftones beer became part of Belching Beaver’s core offering. In the years since, the band and brewery have launched 8 different editions, all taking inspirational cues from the band’s albums.

Earlier this year, Deftones launched Ohms Pale Ale, riding the momentum of their 2020 opus of the same name. For the most recent offering, Deftones again borrow some creative fodder from Ohms, with ‘Ceremony’ providing a perfect title to an especially dynamic hazy IPA.

Available in 16-ounce cans starting August 20th, the 6.5% juice boasts a aromatic blend of Citra and Galaxy hops (for you beer geeks). Aside from the specifics, the beer is damn good. Availability is limited. Check the brewery’s website – HERE to get your hands on some cans.

Relive the magic of the band’s track from Ohms below with the gripping visual directed by horror/thriller specialist, Leigh Whanell.

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