Emerging Des Moines destructors Vended unleash their debut single, "Asylum" - Knotfest

Emerging Des Moines destructors Vended unleash their debut single, “Asylum”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 21, 2021

The project featuring Simon Crahan and Griffin Taylor taps into the brutality that has become synonymous with Iowa for their emphatic recorded introduction.

The next generation of Des Moines-based aggressors in the crushing quartet of Vended have managed to create a buzz even before releasing their first recording.

The project featuring drummer Simon Crahan, vocalist Griffin Taylor, and the string work of Jeremiah Pugh (bass), Cole Espeland (lead) and Connor Grodzicki (rhythm) made their forceful introduction during the 2020 edition of Knotfest’s Pulse the Maggots streaming festival and have been on a mad tear since.

Displaying a deft meld of instrumental intensity, in combination with a kind of vocal volatility that is indicative of their predecessors, Vended’s sound is a measured dose of mayhem that translates as pure release on the track. Packing the same potency that drove their live Pulse of the Maggots performance to rack up some 100,000 views online, the band has now debuted their first recording in first single, “Asylum” and the result is an absolute detonation.

In just a few short years since the band’s inception, Vended has refined their brand of brutality and established themselves as an emerging, exciting show of heavy music’s robust health. Combining elements of various subcategories of aggressive music, the band has achieved the ability to defy any one category but touch on the criteria of many.

On the strength of the band’s incendiary Pulse of the Maggots performance, Vended has earned their spot opening both the Knofest Iowa hometown play as well as the Knotfest Los Angeles gathering slated for November 2021. Eager to kick a hole in the landscape of heavy music, Vended follow in the legacy of Iowan intensity with product that is nothing short of powerful both onstage and on the track.

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