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Final Light (Cult of Luna, Perturbator) Shares Sinister Title Track From Their Upcoming Album

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in News on May 25, 2022

Johannes Perrson and Perturbator first revealed the project at this year’s Roadburn Festival.

Final Light is a stand-alone project from Cult Of Luna’s guitarist and vocalist Johannes Perrson and French synthwave artists Perturbator. The project was unveiled at this year’s Roadburn Festival and today, the second preview and title track of the album has been revealed. 

Final light was originally commissioned for the canceled Roadburn 2022 at the request of festival curator Walter Hoeijmakers. Perturbator mastermind James Kent said of the project: “I immediately thought of Cult of Luna. Even though my music is mostly electronic and synth-based, we both have a knack for creating atmospheres, so I thought it would be a very interesting match.” Johannes, reflecting on his relationship with Perturbator added, “I’ve been a fan for a long, long time. We had this creative discussion back and forth and we hit it off.”

The duo knew almost immediately that they wanted to put the performance out as an album. “We had almost an hour of interesting music, so it would’ve been a shame to simply perform it and not do anything with it afterwards. It’s a project that I really want to share; it’s not only the fruit of a collaboration between me and one of my favorite musicians, but also very unique and once-in-a-lifetime.”
Final Light will be released on June 24th and is available for pre-order HERE.

Final Light track list:

  1. Nothing Will Bear Your Name
  2. In The Void
  3. It Came With The Water
  4. Final Light
  5. The Fall of a Giant
  6. Ruin To Decay

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