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Foo Fighters’ alter ego Dream Widow is heavy AF

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on February 15, 2022

The blackened thrash track appears on the soundtrack for the band’s upcoming feature film ‘Studio 666’

For those foolish enough to dismiss the Foos as a radio-friendly rock band, you probably haven’t been paying attention. The love for the heavy stuff runs deep with Grohl and the Fighters as evidenced by passion projects like Grohl’s 2004 Probot compilation.

Working with the like of Cronos of Venom, King Diamond, Max Cavalera and the legend Lemmy himself, Grohl’s credentials with the extreme side of the spectrum is well-established. In preparation for the release of Foo Fighters’ first ever feature film, Studio 666, the band has taken on an alter ego in the form of a blackened thrash collective and the result is a ferocious new single titled, “March of the Insane”.

The track is integral to the plot line of the film in that the song ended up being found in the form of a recording left behind from the last band to record in the haunted studio in which the Foos have now occupied. 25 years prior, the band Dream Widow, succumb to a bloody massacre in the same rental home converted into a studio, at the hands of their possessed lead singer. The only remnants of the band the song they recorded in the studio before meeting their demise – “March of the Insane”.

In an interview via the Howard Stern Show, Grohl explained how the track is incorporated in the film. “We come in 25 years later to record, having no idea what happened 25 years ago, and I start becoming possessed by the spirit of the guy from 25 years ago and the spirit of the house,” Grohl revealed. “But this song, ‘March of the Insane,’ this is their lost record. This is the record they were making before their singer murdered [them].” (Transcribed by Ultimate Classic Rock)

Prepare to hear the Foo FIghters like you have never heard them before. Stream Dream Widow’s “March of the Insane” below. Studio 666 arrives in theaters February 25th.

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