Jeris Johnson links with Zilla of City Morgue to flip the Slayer classic "Raining Blood - Knotfest

Jeris Johnson links with Zilla of City Morgue to flip the Slayer classic “Raining Blood

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on May 8, 2022

The ‘future grunge’ disruptor explained that he took on the anthem ” exclusively to piss off old rock fans”.

The future looks bright for aggro-art, TikTok fixture Jeris Johnson. The practitioner of “future grunge” was recently announced in the rotation of supporting artist in the KORN’s upcoming tour along with Helmet, P.O.D., Palaye Royale and Dana Dentata.

Earning his rank as the artist that adds his own stylistic take on timeless anthems, Johnson has scored major wins with his varied renditions of classics including Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and his smashing repurposing of “Last Resort” with the song’s originators, Papa Roach.

Flexing his versatility, Johnson linked with Zillakami of City Morgue for arguably his most confrontational reimagining yet – opting to flip one of thrash metal’s most iconic riffs in Slayer’s “Raining Blood”. Taking on a track considered sacred by many metal fans, Johnson knew his decision to reconfigure such an anthem would strike a chord with fans that would either love it or consider it sacrilegious.

Johnson explained that his intention was to push people’s buttons while paying homage to a song that had a lasting impact on him. “‘Raining Blood’ is a song I made exclusively to piss off old rock fans. Also, ‘cause it was my fav song on Guitar Hero 3. I was just in the mood to make some loud ass mosh pit type shit and what better to sample than one of the best guitar riffs of all time.”

Johnson continues, “I wanna light the room on fire every time I play live, and this is the track that’s gonna do it. I asked ZillaKami to hop on and lend his energy to it and I’m very thankful he did because he fucking crushed it. Make it rain blood.”

Johnson’s collaborative resume is diverse one, having teamed with everyone from Bring Me the Horizon to Chad Kroger to Trippie Redd. The most recent link with Zillakami is indicative of the kind of rising stock of both artists and their willingness to challenge tradition and take on the old guard.

Watch the Brendan Barone-directed video for “Raining Blood” that captures lightning in the bottle with both Jeris and Zilla taking on a Slayer essential. Score the single – HERE

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