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Kid Bookie shares album version of “Stuck In My Ways” featuring Corey Taylor

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on December 2, 2021

The long-awaited debut album ‘Cheaper Than Therapy’ touts guests assists from Tech N9ne, Kamiyada+, and Sid Wilson.

Genre-bending sensation Kid Bookie has unveiled his long-awaited full length debut in a 20-track stylistic amalgam in Cheaper Than Therapy.

Competently weaving his broad spectrum of influences, the album asserts a cohesive mesh of alt-rock and hip-hop, further nuanced with accents of screamo and metal into a profound introduction that remains unniquely, Kid Bookie.

The range of the UK-based multi-talent has resonated in a way that has fruited the collaborative cosign of the likes of Vended’s Griffin Taylor, the production tutelage of Good Charlotte’s Billy Martin and the blessing via verbal bars from the indie hip-hop champion, Tech N9ne. Affirming Bookie’s versatility, the songwriter explains how the album underscores his artistic integrity as “​​a showcase of eclecticism, influence and identity,” Bookie shares. “To be more than the print of a rapper, to express my introspections, my vulnerability, my voice. To challenge who I am more than who I was, unlearning fear and going against the traditional mould.”

Effectively tapping into a myriad of styles with a sense of authenticity, Bookie even managed to earn the cosign of Slipknot’s Sid Wilson and Corey Taylor. Last year, Kid Bookie would score a guest spot with a set of verbal bars on Taylor’s anthemic, “CMFT (Must Be Stopped)” further solidifying his creative link with the Slipknot frontman.

On ‘Cheaper Than Therapy,’ Bookie showcases his verbal dexterity in tandem with Taylor on the single, “Stuck In My Ways” – a track that flexes the bounce, bravado, and a bass heavy rumble that sets Bookie apart from his contemporaries.

The creative further details the substance at the core of the effort and how the project’s title is less a clever pun and indicative of something especially personal. “Expression, aggression, ferocity, melody and soul were the catalysts to produce ‘C.T.T’. With every verse I swore to never deliver if feeling isn’t present, I need to feel in order to be symbiotic with the process, this music.. A therapy session for myself, covering my moods from love, anger, hate and like, questions I want to ask and what it’s like to exist in an ever shifting paradigm. With this project I aim to finally be happy in the acceptance that this is who I wanted to be and open to the prospect of change and evolution.”

A convincing combination of range and authenticity serve to explain just why the emerging creative is already finding himself working alongside such luminaries. Asserting he is more than capable of running with the big dogs, Kid Bookie’s debut is more than just stylistic spectacle but rather a creative combination that asserts something new in the space of alternative art.

Cheaper Than Therapy from Kid Bookie is currently available – HERE

1. Chad NoBack’s Office
2. Intro (I Think I Found A Way) FEATURING Ziey Kizzy
3. Fur Minxxx
4. Kid Bookie – LIQUOR SEX WEED
5. In My Soul FEATURING Tech N9ne
6. Could’ve Died Tonight
8.Really Really Like You
10. In The Dark FEATURING Òlah Bliss
11. Who Are You? (Interlude)
12. Stuck In My Ways FEATURING Corey Taylor
13. On My Rock (Alien)
14. Lil Nas X
15. Freedom FEATURING Òlah Bliss & Sid Wilson of SlipKnot
16. Like I
17. Say It With Your Chest FEATURING Kamiyada+
18. As Long As My Heart Bleeds
19. Chad NoBack’s Outro
20. I want to be your friend

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