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Limp Bizkit Announce New Tracks Will Be Released In “Rapid Succession” Ahead Of Long-Awaited full-length Release

Posted by Jenna DePasquale in News on August 28, 2021

Looks like 2021 is the year fans finally get their fix with new Bizkit music a decade in the making.

Limp Bizkit are ready to get the new music rollin’. While the gang have only released limited new material since their 2011 album Gold Cobra, they announced via Instagram that “new songs will begin to leak in rapid succession, very soon.” The “leaks” will be followed up with the release of their sixth studio album. 

Their newest work in the follow up 2011’s Gold Cobra, to has been in production for nearly a decade but label changes and creative perfectionism have led to continued delays. While Gold Cobra peaked at 16 on the Billboard 200 and was considered a return to their signature sound, it was ultimately Limp Bizkit’s final album with Interscope.

A stint with Birdman and Slim’s Cash Money Records then followed, which led to the release of their track “Ready To Go” with label legend Lil Wayne. An amicable split from Cash Money followed as the rap-rockers opted for an independent path. 

More recently, Limp Bizkit garnered headlines and countless tweets for adopting a dadcore aesthetic. Frontman Fred Durst brought his new image to life as he sported gray hair and a coordinating handlebar moustache at Chicago’s Lollapalooza festival.

Shortly thereafter, Limp Bizkit announced that they would be cancelling their upcoming tour dates due to COVID-19 out of an “abundance of caution.” Shots of packed crowds at Lollapalooza had raised questions regarding if the return to live music had come too soon. The nu metal icons would go on to clarify via Instagram that they had fortunately not come down with the virus.

As Limp Bizkit steps back from live performances, comments from guitarist Wes Borland suggest that the band is currently dedicated to getting the long-awaited album into the hands of fans. In June, Borland stated that the instrumentals had largely been tracked and it is just a matter of honing Durst’s desired vocal sound. 

While an exact release date for the album has yet to be announced, a steady stream of tracks will surely wet the appetite of listeners who have remained loyal to Limp Bizkit over their 26 year career. 

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