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Loathe preview new music with the release of “Dismorphous Display”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on January 6, 2022

The standalone single serves as a precursor to a busy 2022 which will see the band tour with Code Orange and debut the follow up to ‘I Let It In and It Took Everything’

Among the artists that captured the attention of the heavy music community most during the pandemic era, UK outfit Loathe managed to make a lasting impression with their 2020 opus, I Let It In and It Took Everything.

The album would become a fixture on the year’s Best of lists and ultimately catapulted the band into the greater consciousness of emerging, inventive rock artists.

Again asserting their limitless versatility, Loathe would return again in 2021 with the debut of their ambient instrumental record The Things They Believe. A full embrace of the spacy, melodic accents that broke apart the assault of I Let It In and It Took Everything, the follow-up almost functioned as a companion release, showcasing unique continuity without repeating the same formula.

2021 also saw the band triumph in the live arena with the return to the stage. Loathe completed their biggest headlining tour of the UK late last year and confirmed their hype with incendiary appearances at Download Festival Pilot, Reading and Leeds Festival, and Slam Dunk.

“Dismorphous Display” from Loathe

Charging ahead into the new year, Loathe have again returned with the unveiling of a new standalone single in locomotive lumber of “Dismorphous Display”. The band spoke about the genesis the track and how it builds on what they have already established with their previous body of work.

“‘Dimorphous Display,’ in its first iteration, had been in the vault for a good few years before we decided to start work on the song together as a band, so finally being able to release it into the world feels like a great accomplishment. The initial demo was filed soon after we had finished up with I Let It In and It Took Everything but with lockdowns occurring across the world, this gave us the opportunity to experiment with different collaborators and thus final tracking was completed some time in the middle of 2021 at Giant Wafer Studios. We worked alongside our new friend Eddie Al-Shakarchi on capturing the rawest incarnation of the Loathe sound to date and we are very happy with the result.”

Loathe are set to begin their spring tour in the United States with Code Orange, Vended and Dying Wish later this year. The 23-date run kicks of at the beginning of April and wraps on May 7th in Boston, MA.

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