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Malevolence reassert their savagery with latest bruiser “Life Sentence”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on March 24, 2022

The second single previews the band’s forthcoming onslaught with Malicious Intent arriving May 20th

Nearly a month ago to the date, Sheffield’s sonic sledgehammer in Malevolence unveiled their next chapter with an emphatic introduction of their latest full length blitz, Malicious Intent. The introductory single, “On Broken Glass” showcased the band’s DIY ethos and underscored the kind of frenetic energy that remains core to the band’s identity.

Now, the UK powerhouse have further detailed their domination with the presentation of yet another banger from album. The second serving of beatdown comes in the form of the’s band’s unrelenting, unapologetic anthem, “Life Sentence”.

Malevolence frontman Alex Taylor did not mince his words when detailing the objective of the track. “Anyone that has followed us for a while knows that Malevolence is capable of delivering a fairly wide spectrum of different sounds. Sometimes we want to write ballads, sometimes we want to write big choruses and sometimes we want to write songs that make you want to smash everything in your house to pieces. One of the hardest, darkest and most aggressive tracks from Malicious Intent, Life Sentence is dedicated to anyone that thought we had gone soft!”

The arrival of the track comes packaged with a compelling visual framed by Daniel Priess. Among the common threads that bring both “On Broken Glass” and “Life Sentence” together remains the kind of volatility that is depicted on the screen. Malevolence go for the throat whenever they strap on the gear – on the stage, in the studio or on the screen.

As for the album, Malicious Intent showcases an authentic embrace of hardcore ethos and metal proficiency that has catapulted Malevolence among a top tier of artist that champions the agenda of heavy culture without limitation. The band’s latest self-produced effort is further co-signed by the collaborative guest assist of Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan TX and venerated shredder Matt Heafy of Trivium.

Watch the visual for “Life Sentence” from Malevolence below. Malicious Intent arrives May 20th via Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-order the album – HERE

Malicious Intent Tracklist
1. Malicious Intent
2. Life Sentence
3. On Broken Glass
4. Still Waters Run Deep
5. Higher Place
6. Karma
7. Above All Else (feat. Matt Honeycutt)
8. Do Or Die
9. Salvation (feat. Matthew K. Heafy)
10. Armageddon

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