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Mayhem teases upcoming Punk-inspired EP with visual for “Voces Ab Alta”

Posted by Knotfest in News on June 3, 2021

The band’s Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando EP will feature covers of punk classics from Discharge, Dead Kennedys, Redimentary Peni, and The Ramones.

Words by Jenna DePasquale

Mayhem offer another installment in their black metal infamy with the freshly released track “Voces Ab Alta.” Visual artist Costin Chioreanu, who has previously worked with the likes of Ghost and Opeth, brings the sinister song to life in a corresponding video. Chioreanu’s bleak depictions of nature accompany a host of demon vocals, blast beats, and basically all the elements that make Mayhem great. 

Mayhem showed no signs of slowing down as their likeness entered its fifth decade in music. The lineup currently consists of early members Necrobutcher and Hellhammer, along with Attila Csihar on vocals, and guitars by Teloch and Ghul, who have been with the band for about 10 years. While COVID-19 ultimately led to the cancellation of the run, the five-piece was slated to headline the 2020 Decibel Magazine tour alongside Abbath and Gatecreeper. Last September, it was announced that they would become the first black metal band to be inducted into Norway’s Rockheim music hall of fame. 

In more recent news, Mayhem is preparing to release a new EP this summer entitled Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando. While the they are using this project as an opportunity to showcase their signature sound, they will also be providing covers of Discharge’s “In Defense Of Our Future,” Dead Kennedys’ “Hellnation,” Rudimentary Peni’s “Only Death,” and the Ramones’ “Commando.”

Because black metal is among one of the metal subgenres with the most punk influences, it is a natural move for an outfit that is known to push extremity to its limits. In order to orchestrate their ode to the greats, Mayhem enlisted the help of their former vocalists Messiah and Maniac, who have oscillated between the worlds of metal and punk. Coordinating punk-inspired designs can also be found through their official merch store – HERE 

Atavistic Black Disorder/Kommando drops July 9 via Century Media. A limited number of physical releases are now available for pre-order – HERE

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