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Melodic Metal Outfit Othrys Drops Moving New Single “Cross Contamination”

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in News on December 6, 2022

Stream the cinematic thriller of a music video here.

Portland, Oregon based melodic metal outfit Othrys have released their latest video “Cross Contamination”, taken from their recently released, self-titled album, which came out on September 9th. Copies are available HERE.

The haunting track starts as a ballad before being given a violent shove into dystopian composition. Vocalist Sebastian Phoenix elaborates: “‘Cross Contamination’ is a song about toxic humanity. The lyrics are abstractly based on selfish, controlling, manipulative people only out to get what they want no matter how many souls they trample. No matter how many lives they affect negatively and destroy.

“‘Cross Contamination’ is about the fight within ourselves to not become that type of person. The fight to stay true to ourselves. The fight to be stronger and smarter and not becoming numb and fall into those depths of a toxic humanity. How that fight is challenging. And to not be afraid to embrace that fight at all costs.

“It’s easy to just go with the flow and become another zombie drone, without a care in the world about who you hurt and destroy. But can you be stronger than that?

“The vocals and music on this track are heavily influenced by raw emotion and anger. A brutally beautiful song with a heavy metal foundation.”

Video director Karl Whinnery, also of Portland, adds: “This is my favorite Othrys song so I wanted to make sure the world saw them as I do – an unrelenting slab of super unique metal that the world needs to hear. Sebastian’s voice can go from angelic cleans to jaws dropping screams that might remind you of Burton C Bell or Dez. This track is moody and I love the lyrical vibe and images it conjured. I wanted to do something that danced around the song title – so I ran with the idea of someone breaking into a warehouse and stealing a biological agent. We used anamorphic lenses and went full industrial thriller and had enough lens flares to make JJ Abrams jealous.”

Othrys is an American melodic metal band from Portland, Oregon. Their lineup consists of James Weaver on guitars, Sebastian Phoenix on vocals, Tobby Lugo on drums, and Luke Martyn on bass. They are a blend of heavy, angry riffs and brutally beautiful clean melodies. The band flows seamless between haunting vocals with atmospheric guitars to modern ripping metal riffs with face melting screams.

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