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Metallica’s Blackened American Whiskey introduces the limited “Rye The Lightning”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on April 27, 2022

The whiskey is made using the proprietary “Black Noise”casking process which uses low frewuency Ride the Lightning songs to agitate the wood barrels.

Adding to their product line of premium quality spirits, Metallica’s Blackened American Whiskey has introduced their limited edition “Rye The Lightning” Kentucky straight rye double cask-finished whiskey.

Crafted using the same proprietary “Black Noise” casking technique, the Madeira wine and Caribbean rum barrels used to store the whiskey are hit with low frequency music from Metallica’s catalog. The process sends vibration throughout the wood barrels, ultimately harnessing all of the flavors of the finishing casks to their utmost potential.

This same process was first introduced back in 2018 when Blackened’s straight blended whiskey first hit retail. It’s a revolutionary process that ensures the spirit truly does embody the identity of the band that backs the label.

As for the music that is infused in the whiskey, “Rye The Lightning” does in fact only use music from Ride the Lightning. For this release, distillers used the live versions of the Ride the Lightning classics from Metallica’s 2012 Orion Festival as the soundtrack. The first Orion event also marked the first time ever that Metallica performed performed the iconic 1984 release in full.

Robert Trujillo from the band shared, “The vibe from the crowd at the first Orion … was electrifying. And it’s really cool that we get to capture that energy in this release.”

Trujillo went onto detail how this release is different from previous efforts using the “Black Noise” process, “We’ve used a few live songs in our playlists before, but never a full live playlist. So to be able to incorporate our fans in the Blackened journey and have them be a part of the whiskey-making process is really unique, and makes this a true collaboration.”

“Rye the Lightning” is currently available – HERE

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