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New Flesh: New Releases from SepticFlesh, Eat Your Own Head and more!

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in News on May 20, 2022

Huge albums spanning from hardcore groove, new school thrash, symphonic death metal and more.

This is an interesting week for new releases to say the least. We have epic metal, interesting progressive takes and more!

For all of our favorite new releases, be sure to follow the official Knotfest New Flesh Playlist.

Cave In – Heavy Pendulum – Progressive Sludge

Heavy Pendulum blends a cosmic or calming vibe with viciousness as it treks over 70 minutes. FIlled to the brim with sludge rhythms, varied vocal styles and grunge riffs, Cave In takes you on a journey that is both hypnotic and fraught with peril. 

Get your copy HERE

Eat Your Own Head – Neck-Deep In The Blyth – Grunge

I am not above admitting that I first listened to this album because of the band’s name. Neck-Deep in The Blyth is the debut album from Eat Your Own Head and what a debut it is! An intricate mix of hefty hooks, unpredictable tempos,  vibrant progressive moments and a powerful vocal performance with plenty of groove. Imaginative and inventive, seriously, spin this. 

Get your copy HERE

Evergrey – A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament) – Progressive Power Metal

Even 13 albums into their career, Evergrey bring new layers to this latest release. Tapping into a new level of aggression, A Heartless Portrait perfectly merges melancholic melody with heartbreaking emotion. In a genre that is usually marked with lighthearted fun, Evergrey brings the darkness. 

Get your copy HERE

Malevolence – Malicious Intent – Hardcore Groove

Malevolence bring it on Malcious Intent with their combination of anthemic hardcore and sludgy, groovy Southern metal. Mosh ready and high-voltage, Malevolence have shown that crushingly heavy can also be accessible to the masses. Wait and watch, this will be a band that brings scores of new fans to the genre as they continue to grow.  

Get your copy HERE

Sadistic Ritual – The Enigma, Boundless – Thrash

There is a reason Sadistic Ritual is a Pulse favorite – The Enigma, Boundless is blistering amalgamation of searing riffs, blackened vocals, and all-out aggression that is just malicious and brutal. Blackened thrash at its finest and most ferocious. 

Get your copy HERE

Septicflesh – Modern Primitive – Symphonic Death Metal

The heavy symphonic masters in Septicflesh have taken all of the 5 years since their last release to turn out something truly epic. Modern Primative seamlessly blends grand symphonics and brutal death metal in a devastating way. Atmospheric and haunting, this really is a flawless example of what makes this band great. 

Get your copy HERE.

Also out this week…

Anderes Holz – Continuo (Tonzonen)
Anvil – Impact Is Imminent (AFM)
Assumption – Hadean Tides (Everlasting Spew/Sentient Ruin)
Battle Symphony – War On Earth (Soman)
Blut Aus Nord – Disharmonium – Undreamable Abysses (Debemur Morti)
Bog Body – Cryonic Crevasse Cult (Profound Lore)
Brandy And The Butcher – Lucky Foot (Self)
Cauchemar – Rosa Mystica (Temple Of Mystery)
Cities Of Mars – Cities Of Mars (Ripple)
Clairvoyance – Threshold Of Nothingness EP (Blood Harvest)
Come To Grief – When The World Dies (Translation Loss)
Coreleoni – III (Atomic Fire)
The Dark Alamorte – Lunacrium Thepsis (Unique Leader)
Dark Archive – Reunite The Darkness (Inverse)
Datcha Mandala – The Last Drop EP (Mrs. Red Sound)
Dawn Of Solace – Notes Of Perdition EP (Noble Demon)
Days Of Wine – Days Of Wine (Pride & Joy)
Dim Lights – Starspire (Avantgarde)
Dream Vision – Reves (Self)
Dvne – Cycles Of Asphodel (Metal Blade)
Elusive God – Trapped In A Future Unknown (Rafchild)
Geezer – Stoned Blues Machine (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Gronibard – Regarde Les Hommes Sucer (Season Of Mist)
Helsott – Will And The Witch (M-Theory)
Here Lies Wes – Pieces Of Me EP (Wormholedeath)
Hild – Obliterating Silence EP (Self)
Horn – Verzet (Self)
Hyrgal – — (LADLO)
Imonolith – Progressions (Self)
Iris Divine – Mercurial (Layered Reality)
Isaurian – Deep Sleep Metaphysics (Self)
James LaBrie – Beautiful Shade Of Grey (InsideOut)
Krause – The Art Of Fatigue (Venerate)
LaMacchia – Thunderheads (Aqualamb)
Last Temptation – Fuel For My Soul (Crusader)
Lucer – The New World (Mighty)
Luminous Vault – Animate The Emptiness (Profound Lore)
Melt Motif – A White Horse Will Take You Home (Apollon)
Mike Tramp – Stand Your Ground Re-Release (Mighty)
MNRVA – Hollow (Black Doomba)
Mortal Thrall – A Path To Fire (Trepnation)
Movment – Transformation Re-Release (Epictronic)
Nattehimmel – The Night Sky Beckons (Hammerheart)
Night Attack – The Initiation EP (Metal Scrap)
Nova Luna – Nova Vita (Pride & Joy)
Ophe – Somnium Nocte Mendaciis (My Kingdom)
Oratory – Inner Pyre EP (Self)
Organ Trail – Appetite For Dissection (HPGD)
Predatory Light – Death And The Twilight Hours (20 Buck Spin)
Provectus – Postero Mundi (Necktwister)
Prowler – Reactivate (Cherry Red)
Pymlico – Supermassive (Apollon)
Ratos De Porao – Necropolitica (FOAD)
Rebirth – Live: American Hellion Metal (Self)
Rod Rodrigues – Tales Of A Changing Life, Part 1 EP (Self)
Rottenness – Violentopia (Selfmadegod)
Sadist – Firescorched (Agonia)
Sailor Hunter – Sailor Hunter (Inverse)
Sandness – Play Your Part (Rockshots)
Sedative – Death Romantic (Self)
Shameless – So Good, You Should (Pride & Joy)
Sign Of Evil – Psychodelic Death (Edged Circle)
Sinsid – In Victory (Pitch Black)
Space Of Variations – Imago (Napalm)
Spheric Universe Experience – Back Home (Uprising)
Spice – Viv (Dais)
Spiter – Bathe The Babe In Bat’s Blood (Hells Headbangers)
Stjärnfält – Lapporten (Avantgarde)
Symphonity – Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack (Limb)
Texas Murder Crew – Wrapped In Their Blood (Comatose)
Thy Kingdom Will Burn – The Void And The Vengeance (Scarlet)
Trouble – Simple Mind Condition Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Unbowed – Colour The Soul (Self)
Violentor – Manifesto Di Odio (Time To Kill)
Volturian – Red Dragon (Scarlet)
Watashi Wa – People Like People (Tooth & Nail)
Womack – III: Songs Of Downfall And Deliverance (Inverse)
Zinny Zan – Lullabies For The Masses (Wild Kingdom)

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