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New Flesh: Releases from Destruction, HEALTH, Lux Incerta and More!

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in News on April 8, 2022

Get your fix of the best new releases in heavy music from this week.

This week’s releases include a heavy dose of thrash, some solid industrial, and enough melodic death metal to carry you through the week. Check out all of our favorite new releases on the New Flesh playlist on Spotify

Destruction – Diabolical – Thrash Metal

Thrash metal vets Destruction are celebrating 40 years with their 15th album. From the opening squeal, the album is an onslaught of snappy drums, frenzied guitars and furious vocals. A bloody, thrashy, Diabolical affair indeed (ba dum tiss!).

Pick up your copy HERE.

Health – DISCO4 :: Part II – Industrial

Ambitious is the name of the game on the sixth studio album from collaborative effort Health. Following up 2020s monumental effort DISCO4 :: Part I, Health pulled out all the stops on Part II. The industrial outfit stretched the boundaries of genre until they were non-existent on this album and have constructed an atmosphere that is engaging and well thought out. 

Pick up your copy HERE

Incite – Wake Up Dead – Thrash

Incite continues to grow into their own on Wake Up Dead. Drawing influences from the past and present, the album is an enjoyable listen for fans of straightforward aggressive thrash. A good dose of groove gives the tracks some sway, while the overall brutality is fit for breaking shit. 

Pick up your copy HERE

King Satan – Occult Spiritual Anarchy – Industrial

With a name like King Satan, I’m sure the dark lord would never forgive me for NOT including this band on the weekly release list. That being said, this dark industrial offering combines extreme metal and danceable industrial, with themes of philosophy, occultism, blasphemy, and black humor. The style is a bit evasive to pin down, but that just means it will appeal to a wide variety of folks. 

Pick up your copy HERE

Lux Incerta – Dark Odyssey – Melodic Death Metal 

Heavy, epic and haunting this is melodic death metal at its finest. Ten years in the making, the time was well spent crafting an engaging odyssey of an album. While on the longer side at just under an hour, each moment is well used. The vocal exploration, instrumentation, and atmosphere are completely captivating.

Pick up your copy HERE

Also out this week…

Abhorrent Expanse – Gateways To Resplendence (Amalgam)
Allehackbar – In Your Face (Self)
Angel Nation – Antares (Inner Wound)
Askara – Lights Of Night (Fastball)
Bad Influence – End7eit (Self)
Black Swan – Generation Mind (Frontiers)
The Blackwall – The Blackwall EP (Club Inferno)
Blood Torrent – Void Universe (Trollzorn)
Bjorn Riis – Everything To Everyone (Karisma)
Burial Curse – Burial Curse EP (Dawnbreed)
Chloranthy – Solace In The Arms Of Thy Beauty (Self)
The Daily Chase – The Colour Of Crisis EP (Self)
Deathrite – Delirium EP (Into Endless Chaos)
A Deer A Horse – Grind (Bitter)
Decasia – An Endless Feast For Hyenas (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Decrapted – Bloody Rivers Of Death (Xtreem)
Dynazty – Final Advent (AFM)
Ear Danger – Still Going Strong (40 Years Of Ear Danger) (Self)
Egor Lappo – Naturealism (Self)
The End At The Beginning – Lightbringer (Superbia)
End Boss – They Seek My Head (Rough Peel)
Envy Of None – Envy Of None (Kscope)
Et Moriemur – Tamashii No Yama (Transcending Obscurity)
Exopulse – The Darkness In You (Music)
Falsehoods Of Today – If Our Dreams Collapsed By The Seams (Trepnation)
First Signal – Closer To The Edge (Frontiers)
Fortune – Level Ground (Frontiers)
Fright – Fright EP (HPGD)
Greenbeard – Variant (Sailor/Kozmik Artifactz)
Hallas – Isle Of Wisdom (Napalm)
Heidra – To Hell Or Kingdom Come (Mighty)
Heterogeneous Andead – Chaotic Fragments (Wormholedeath)
Inglorious – MMXXI Live At The Phoenix (Frontiers)
Insense – The Soothing Torture B-Sides (Mas-Kina)
Kaamos Warriors – Spirit From The Void (Inverse)
Kalkas – Envoutante Seve (Table Basse)
Knogjarn – Tungrott EP (Indie)
Kornmo – Svartisen (Apollon)
Korpelarorelsen – Ar Du Av Den Ratta Tron (BHN)
Krod/Cruciatus Infernalis – Storming The Gates Of Heaven Split (Kvlt und Kaos)
KZRN – Lost Amongst The Living EP (Self)
Law Of Contagion – Oecumenical Rites For The Antichrist (Moribund)
Midwich Cuckoos – Death Or Glory (Onslaught)
Mors Principium Est – Liberate The Unborn Humanity (AFM)
Mortal Hatred – Odyssey (Kernkraftritter)
My Hollow – Fighting The Monsters EP (Self)
No Tin Godz – No Tin Godz EP (Self)
Oceansnow – Vivienne (Avantgarde)
Or – Pariah (Dog & Pony)
Pact – God Only Knows (Moribund)
Parris Hyde – Unlock Your Freedom (Missleader)
Planepacked – Transactinides (Self)
Saints ‘N’ Sinners – Rise Of The Alchemist (SNS)
Saphath – Ascension Of The Dark Prophet (Self)
Scalpture – Feldwarts (FDA)
Silence In Solitude – Eternal (Self)
Skumstrike – Deadly Intrusions (Selfmadegod)
Solstice – To Dust Re-Release (Emanzipation)
Spencer Elliott – SE3 (CandyRat)
Terzij De Horde – In One Of These, I Am Your Enemy (Consouling Sounds)
Theigns & Thralls – Theigns & Thralls (Rockshots)
Therion – Beyond Sanctorum Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Therion – Lepaca Kliffoth Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Therion – Symphony Masses: No Drakon Ho Megas Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Tome Of The Unreplenished – Earthbound (Avantgarde)
Treat – The Endgame (Frontiers)
Trouble – Plastic Green Head Re-Release (Hammerheart)
Truth Decayed – Faded Visions I EP (Self)
Various Artists – Heavy Metal Rock Vol. 1 (From The Vaults)
Veer Union – Manifestations (Rock Shop)
Vermord – Nostalgic Predictions (Self)
Voldt – Vandalism (Self)

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