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Renascentia Weave Dreamy Soundscapes On “Unending”

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in News on March 1, 2023

Progressive deathcore/metalcore outfit Renascentia have released a dreamy and ethereal standalone single “Unending.” The track begins with progressive but dulcet guitar work, and continues with a nice balance of introspective lyrics, otherworldly melodies and ferocity woven through.

“Unending is about the search for happiness and true self-fulfillment. It’s about pushing forward through uncertainty and relentless suffering,” says vocalist Elijah Reiter. “Even in moments of complete defeat and hopelessness, because there is no other choice in life.”

“I wrote the song at a low point – managing life and work, relationships, being in a band – I hit a point where I felt so broken and defeated. I was tired, everything seemed like it was so much harder than it needed to be. Even at a low point I knew I couldn’t quit – so I turned those feelings into a song. Working with my bandmates we turned a low moment into a beautiful one. “

Video director Karl Whinnery adds: “When I got the song it blew me away – it was just a rough mix but the instrumentation was phenomenal and Eli’s vocals were just incredible.I don’t know how he manages to get that much emotion into a performance.”

“The band had a really neat idea about Eli being alone and wandering, lost. At the end of the song he finds friends. To reinforce this we shot all the band members individually until the last chorus when it was full band shots. They had picked a great location in Southern Oregon at the Coast – 5 hours away from us but so worth it. We had a full day filming all over various beaches and ending with us chasing the sunset. We managed to capture a magical shot of Eli singing with a pink sunset. The Oregon coast is not known for being sunny so we really lucked out and planned our day appropriately to catch the good stuff from sunrise to sunset.”

Get more from Renascentia HERE.

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