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Satanic Tea Co. enlists Cryptopsy’s Matt McGachy for the brutal new track “Human Tea”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on October 25, 2022

The tea brand and extreme metal entity have delivered a second serving of old school death metal and revealed a forthcoming EP is in the works.

Bridging the tranquility typically associated tea with the extremity of unrelenting death metal is the kind of union that would seem impossible to pull off and yet, Satanic Tea Co. seems to fill a void in the marketplace no one ever thought to fulfill.

Earlier this year, Slumlord vocalist and herbal overlord Crucifix launched the single, “Blood Drenched Torture Chamber” that functioned as equal parts creative musical outlet and genius marketing experimentation. While Satanic Tea Co. has existed as a boutique brand since 2017, launching collaborations with Cradle Of Filth, Kittie, Bloodbath, Twin Temple, and Midnight,  the arrival of the single kicked a hole in space of heavy music and garnered a new awareness of the passion project.

WTF was this? A band? A tea brand?

Well… both.

While the intrigue of such a unique marriage is still plenty enough to pique people’s interest and warrant features in The New York Times, the reality is Crucifix, along with musical cohorts Scott Olyphant and Re Fujioka, is making compelling, brutal AF death metal that merits praise apart from it’s bold marketing acumen.

That fact is further evidenced by the release of a second track from Satanic Tea Co. in the straight forward, old school death metal punishment of “Human Tea”. Enlisting veteran Cryptopsy vocalist Matt McGachy to bolster the track with his brand of venomous spew, the second cut from Satanic Tea Co. reiterates the very real intensity of the band behind the brand.

Crucifix shared, “I’m extremely pleased to finally release our second single and video ‘Human Tea’. The track is much more death metal leaning than our previous debut single ‘Blood Drenched Torture Chamber’, and I think it really displays the direction the band is going in, as well as a great precursor to our debut EP we have just finished recording, that will be out next year. It’s such an honor to have Matt from Cryptopsy lay down the end vocal sequence, he’s really the cherry on top of this old school ripper.” 

Rooted in authenticity, the project’s evolution from brand to band and it’s symbiotic relationship is a direct extension of Satanic Tea Company’s founder Crucifix himself. Having fronted bands for more than the last decade, including Doom Cannon and Slumlord, Crucifix explained the approach in merging the two worlds.

“Turning the tea company into a band is just incorporating more of what I love into the business,” he enthuses. “It’s been a couple of years since I have been in an active band, and not having that outlet was really taking a toll on my mental health. I jumped on the opportunity to create music again and have that outlet back. I think it’s something I need to have on some level in my life. A lack of creating music and having that release ultimately makes me suffer, and not operate well. And I think it will also help introduce people to tea who may have never dived into a good cuppa.”

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Stream “Human Tea” (not really a an offering from the brand) from Satanic Tea Co. below.

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