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Sepultura to release full-length album of ‘SepulQuarta’ collaborations

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on December 21, 2020

Amid tour cancellations and lockdowns, Sepultura created a weekly streaming series that has resulted in 28 quarantine collaborations with the likes of Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, System Of A Down, Trivium, jinjer, and Faith No More to name just a few.

As is the familiar story for many artists in 2020, Sepultura was slated for a full touring calendar to support their 14th studio album, Quadra. Released back in February, the band’s plans were ultimately derailed because of the pandemic, forcing the band to find a way to pivot and remain connected to their fans.

The result was their SepulQuarta webseries. A weekly streaming production is no easy task to begin, let alone maintain, but Sepultura managed to make the transition brilliantly. In fact, since it’s April inception, the series has fruited some 29 installments, amassing a roster of some 57 guests in total.

The pandemic forced the world to shut it’s doors in March. The first SepulQuarta aired April 22nd. In terms of executing a pivot, SepulQuarta has been epic.

Now there is news that the band’s collection of quarantine collaboration performances that have anchored the web series will now be assembled and packaged as a full-length album set for a February release via Nuclear Blast Records.

Among the 28 performances that were streamed, some of the guests include members from outfits such as Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, System Of A Down, Faith No More, Trivium, Jinjer, Sacred Reich, and so many more. Though there is no official track listing of what will and won’t make the cut, the potential of this collaboration album functions as a whose who within the genre.

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser spoke about the project, “I think it’s really exciting, because it’s very unique,” Kisser explained. “Of course, we’re gonna remix the sound and everything, make it the best that we can, but the versions are there. This is something [made] possible only because of the quarantine situation, of the lockdown. Imagine we’re doing an album like that in normal circumstances; it would be impossible.”

Earlier this year, the band connected with Knotfest to share some of their favorite guests from the series thus far. No doubt some of those guests will make the cut when it comes down to selecting the tracks that will be included on the album.

Stream the archive of 29 episodes of SepulQuadraHERE

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