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Silent Planet introduce their forthcoming full length Iridescent with a heavy head trip in “Terminal”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 20, 2021

The California DIY crew unveil their next chapter on UNFD in a collection of tracks that are equally personal and powerful.

Back in 2020, Silent Planet showed signs of resurfacing with the release of what was presumed to be a standalone single in “Trilogy“. Complete with a cinematic visual, the track asserted a compelling statement that instantly propelled the band into the conversation of emerging essentials within the space of heavy music.

Just last month, the band again delivered an ominous haymaker in the single “Panopticon“. Addressing the proliferation of artificial intelligence and growing technologic advances in the name of convenience, frontman Garrett Russell explains how the reach of such modernization have ultimately developed into a stranglehold.

“Panopticon paints a dystopian view of the future, one where technological advances have pacified the human spirit and made us apathetic in the face of an increasingly malevolent, post-singularity AI that was developed under the premise of security… ultimately becoming a tyrannical overlord.”

The pair of gut punches from Silent Planet have ultimately served as the precursor of the onslaught to come with the band’s latest announcement in the introduction of their next full length album, Iridescent. Slated for a November 12th arrival, the album showcases the DIY disposition that have made the band such a championed crew, combined with an impressive knack for narrative through uncompromisingly heavy music. To properly introduce the album, the band has shared a third cut from the collection in the highly personal, authentically powerful head trip in a song, “Terminal”. Again, Silent Planet ringleader Garrett Russell explains,

“Terminal was another song from this album that was inspired by my stay in a mental hospital,” confides Russell.

“For most of my life I have been a very sober person, and this song is about my experience with mind-altering medications while being in-patient. As I took my meds, I watched the world shift around me, and even my own reflection started to shift. I was met with strange visions and imagery, some of which was congruent with ancient mythology. It was during all of this that I began to wonder if the hopelessness was buried too deep for medications to solve on their own. Maybe, I wondered, this is simply the human condition. 

“But above all, I hope the listener understands that our albums are meant to be understood as whole pieces, and while this song is certainly coming from my genuine experience with despair, there’s more to the Iridescent story that’s yet to be revealed. Thanks for reading.”

Fuel with a unique meld of sincerity, vulnerability, and volatility packaged into 12-tracks, Russell’s ability as a commanding frontman is augmented by his expertise as a mental health therapist with a master’s degree in Psychology. These songs, apart from being bonafide bangers, are exercises in intensity and introspection that few other bands can achieve.

Check the latest single from Silent Planet’s forthcoming Iridescent arriving November 12th via UNFD. Pre-Order the album – HERE

Iridescent tracklisting
1. 112
2. Translate The Night
3. Trilogy
4. Second Sun
5. Panopticon
6. The Sound Of Sleep
7. Alive, as a Housefire
8. Terminal
9. (liminal);
10. Anhedonia
11. Till We Have Faces
12. Iridescent


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