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Static Dress sign to Roadrunner Records; launch deluxe version of ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on May 18, 2023

The announcement is paired with a crushing, updated version of “Courtney, just relax” featuring hardcore unit, World of Pleasure.

Earning universal acclaim, Leeds-based collective Static Dress has quickly become regarded as one of the most promising bands in the space of modern heavy music. Praised for their forward-thinking songwriting that melds elements of  emo, screamo, metal, pop, electronic, along their innovative, DIY approach to their accompanying visual media, the band’s stock continues to skyrocket.

Making major news, Static Dress has announced their union with Roadrunner Records, signing as they latest addition to the label’s ever-ascending roster. The partnership will see the release of the band’s previously, independently release debut full length, Rouge Carpet Disaster, as a deluxe edition arriving September 15th.

Rouge Carpet Disaster (Redux) features an expanded version of the lauded long form introduction with new artwork and four new revisited versions of singles including: “Courtney, just relax” featuring Canadian hardcore band World Of Pleasure, “Attempt 8” featuring Sophie Meiers, “Di-sinTer (Glitter Redux),” and “such.a.shame (Smoking lounge Redux)”. Rouge Carpet Disaster (Redux) will be available in several vinyl variants. Each LP will also include an additional 7” vinyl featuring the four Redux tracks.

Tp begin the march towards the September 15th arrival, Static Dress has delivered a new visual for the revamped single, “Courtney, just relax” with a guest assist from World of Pleasure. With the band’s architect Olli Appleyard at the helm, the clip frames the band’s explosive performance and songwriting volatility.

Rouge Carpet Disaster was produced by Erik Bickerstaffe of Loathe and written by Static Dress. Upon it’s initial release, the full length was universally celebrated for its wildly inventive approach and championed by venerated voices like Revolver, The Fader and Rolling Stone UK.

The deluxe edition in Rogue Carpet Disaster (Redux) from Static Dress arrives September 15th via Roadrunner Records. Pre-order the album – HERE. Check the album artwork and the updated tracklisting below.


  1. fleahouse 
  2. sweet 
  3. Push rope 
  4. Attempt 8 
  5. Courtney, just relax 
  6. Di-sinTer (ft. King Yosef) 
  7. such.a.shame 
  8. …Maybe!!? 
  9. Lye solution 
  10. Unexplainabletitlesleavingyouwonderingwhy (Welcome In) 
  11. Marisol 
  12. cubicle dialogue 
  13. Courtney, just relax [ft. World Of Pleasure] 
  14. Attempt 8 [ft. Sophie Meiers] 
  15. Di-sinTer (Glitter Redux)
  16. such.a.shame (Smoking lounge Redux) 

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