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Stream 100 gecs’ remix of Linkin Park’s anthem, “One Step Closer”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on January 8, 2021

The officially sanctioned remix of the track drew high praise from Mike Shinoda, earning comparisons to the band’s 2002 album, ‘Reanimation’.

Last October, Linkin Park celebrated the 20th anniversary of their landmark debut album, Hybrid Theory. Offering a succession of events and tributes to the album and its enduring legacy, the celebration is carrying over into the new year with the release of a dynamic new remix of the band’s anthem, “One Step Closer”.

Entrusting the tandem of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, better known as 100 gecs, the pop purveyors have flipped the powerful track and crafted a brilliant reanimation that manages to capture the familiarity of the track while giving it a whole new feel.

The fresh reprise of the track earned high praise of LP’s Mike Shinoda, citing his band’s remix album as a reference to explain his satisfaction with what 100 gecs Brough to the table. “Part of the spirit of Reanimation was to take the Hybrid Theory songs that people knew so well, and let innovative artists flip them in ways nobody expected,” said Shinoda. “I think 100 gecs did exactly that.”

The latest homage to the band’s debut follows a 2020 that saw a super deluxe edition of the album introduced to the world. The anniversary edition included audio rarities and unreleased demos from the era that offered fans a proper glimpse into the foundation of the band’s meteoric rise.

The 100 gecs reanimation of “One Step Closer” is said to be one of many more remix efforts that will debut in the coming months.

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