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Taylor Young of The Pit served 60-day notice of eviction; forced to relocate influential punk, hardcore and metal recording studio

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 18, 2023

The SoCal Valley-based hub has churned out important records from the likes of Drain, Militarie Gun, Mindforce, Sunami, Rotting Out, Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate, Suicide Silence and many more.

Taylor Young, longtime purveyor of The Pit, the legendary Valley-based home/recording studio in Southern California, was unexpectedly served a 60-day notice of eviction. The news has forced Taylor and his wife to scramble to relocate, after becoming a fixture in the hardcore, punk and metal community over the last 17-plus years.

In an effort to help Taylor cover the massive cost of moving the entire operation to a new home and supplement the income that he will be missing out in in the coming weeks, Bo Lueders, guitarist of Harm’s Way and co-host of The Hardlore Podcast along with Taylor’s younger brother Colin has started a GoFundMe.

With the end goal of raising some $50,000.00 to offset missing income and relocation costs, Lueders explained why he felt it was important to take the cause to the hardcore and metal community which has shown to be tremendous allies when it comes to taking care of their own.

“Last week, Taylor Young and his wife Kylla were unexpectedly given 60-days notice to vacate their home/studio of 17+ years, AKA The Pit.

Taylor and The Pit have been a pivotal part of California’s entire hardcore/punk/metal ecosystem, recording and mixing bands such as Drain, Militarie Gun, Mindforce, Sunami, Rotting Out, Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate, Suicide Silence and many more.

He has been consistently recording/housing hardcore, punk and metal bands from all over the world since 2011, and now they will have to find and rebuild a new space from scratch, losing all income until a new space is complete.

They were adamantly against the idea of a GoFundMe, but after personally witnessing the community come together during times of crisis and how beautiful it can be, I have decided to make this on their behalf.

Every single cent donated will be entirely invested in rebuilding The Pit’s new studio location and every single donor will play a vital role in every new piece of music that comes out of studio as long as it exists.

Long live the pit.”

Among some of the most recent prohects that Taylor has contributed to as a producer at The Pit include Militarie Gun’s Life Under the Gun, Remember… You Must Die from Suicide Silence, Post-American from MSPaint and Crime and Punishment from Regional Justice Center.

In addition to his role as a producer, Taylor is also a member of the recently reactivated Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate, new brutalizers Deadbody and was in the drummer for Todd Jones and NAILS through 2020.

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