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Thrash Metal Outfit Enforced Premiere New Single “Starve”

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in News on March 29, 2023

The Richmond unit delivers their third full length album via Century Media Records next month.

Virginia-based thrash up-and-comers Enforced are just a month away from releasing their third full-length studio album, War Remains, which is due out April 28th via Century Media Records. The band has offered up another preview of the project with the disorienting new single and video “Starve” – a bone breaking, no frills, all fury, old-school thrash track.

Vocalist Knox Colby elaborates on the track: “Ultimately, ‘Starve’ is about being forced to produce when there’s no resources to do so, you then become the resource that’s produced/harvested. If I’m profitless, then I’m expendable, chaff; but even then I could’ve still given my life.

So the song sketches out the final moments of someone who has given everything they have left to give, and it’s still not enough. They starve themselves to death and watch the world they’ve given everything to save still fall to shit. They give up and go crazy in the end. Their fruitfulness is deemed fruitless; leaving this world in agony; howling to rebel but not the desire to do so. Starved.”

Holding true to their thrash roots, the band’s upcoming album promises to be “32 minutes of aggressive, no-frills thrash!” Their brutal assault strikes the perfect balance of technicality and intensity, fueled by rage and anguish.

“We didn’t overthink anything,” continues Colby, describing the ethic that went into the making of the Richmond, Virginia-based quintet’s third album, War Remains. “It’s all very straight forward, no bells and whistles production-wise. It’s almost ten minutes shorter than our last record and packs ten times more of a punch.”

War Remains from Enforced drops April 28th on Century Media Records. Order the album – HERE

War Remains track-listing:

  1. Aggressive Menace
  2. The Quickening
  3. Hanged by My Hand
  4. Avarice
  5. War Remains
  6. Mercy Killing Fields
  7. Nation of Fear
  8. Ultra-Violence
  9. Starve
  10. Empire

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