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Tool and Fever 333 Join Forces on New Track “EXU”

Posted by Corinne Westbrook in News on November 14, 2021

Channeling the ambiance of Panos Cosmatos’ films Beyond the Black Rainbow and Mandy, drummer Aric Improta created an infinity room over the pandemic then decided to put it to use.

Tool bassist Justin Chancellor and Fever 333 drummer Aric Improta have teamed up for a new song, “EXU.” 

Inspired by the phantasmagoric Panos Cosmatos’ films Beyond the Black Rainbow and Mandy, Improta built an infinity room over the pandemic. He then invited Chancellor to use that infinity room to inspire a new track.

Improta comments on the collab: “Justin is honestly one of the most open-minded artists I’ve worked with, and all of his ideas were distinctly unique,” Improta said. “I’d say those are the 2 qualities I hold in the highest regard when working with musicians, so it made the process that much more rewarding.”

For his part in the collaboration, Chancellor requested that Improta watch Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon. With that tidbit, you can imagine the nunchucks swinging to the drum beats of this track. The track itself is completely devoid of structure and definitely feels fuels by the hallucinogenic films that inspired it originally. 

The two were joined on the collab by Greg Johnsons and Nick DePirro. DePirro mixed the project, and Chancellor’s friend Bob Ludwig (Nirvana, Daft Punk, Led Zeppelin) mastered it. The filming, recording, and production was completed by another regular collaborator of Improta, Kevin Garcia, and his team at MixOne Sound Studios.

“I love where it ended up and want to continue these audio/visual demonstrations in the future,” Improta said. “… this evolved throughout the process and ultimately transformed into something I never would have expected. I love the challenge of creating through new processes and really appreciate working with people open to doing the same.”