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Trivium Buying an Airplane Hangar, Plans to Stream Band Practice Free

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on August 4, 2020

Plus updates on Heafy’s black metal project, EP with Jared Dines and more

Fresh off the success of their massive ground-breaking live stream, Trivium are expanding their “sketchy” practice space into a full blown airplane hangar HQ.

Matt Heafy explained in a recent video chat with ‘Rock Sound’ that an off-the-cuff comment snowballed and through a family member this was all made possible. The band has big plans to fill the rather large space (though not “Iron Maiden size”).

“We’ll build in and enclose a section of it where we’re able to rehearse in there and it’s all-in-one spot. And then we’ll gradually build downwards, build a recording studio below that, and then we’ll build outwards…we’d make it look like that Full Sail show” referring to the A Light or a Distant Mirror stream from back in July.

The band plans to “stream band practice from (the hangar) for free.”

Matt would also tease that Trivium never stops innovating and is excited to see what they’re able to do next.

On an individual side, Matt confessed he “just finished vocals on his ten year running black metal project” with Ihsahn from Emperor and will feature all the guys from Trivium. As well as teasing his EP with Jared Dines will be coming soon. “I like to stay busy.”

Watch the full interview with James Wilson-Taylor below.

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