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Unto Others launch the dark, driving, and defiant, “No Children Laughing Now”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 13, 2021

Combining big guitars and a powerful performance from vocalist Gabriel Franco, the third single from the forthcoming Strength, is a must spin.

The metallic goth powerhouse in Unto Others have been turning heads with a succession of singles from pending September 24th full-length, Strength and the band’s latest offering is arguably the best yet.

Following the acclaim of “When Will God’s Work Be Done” and almost ballad-esque “Downtown,” the Portland-based collective has delivered with what arguably will be one of the album’s anthems in “No Children Laughing Now”. Combining massive guitars and an incendiary vocal performance from the band’s frontman Gabriel Franco, the track embraces goth esthetic while including a kind of classic metal horsepower that resonates as ahead of the grade.

Joining forces with revered producer and have culture purveyor Artuur Rizk, the band’s reemergence as Unto Others serves as the best chapter in an already buzzworthy climb. First making their mark as Idle Hands, the PNW unit earned universal praise for their 2018 Don’t Waste Your Time EP only to follow-up with an impactful debut full-length in, Mana which arrived in 2019.

Though a second Don’t Wast Your Time EP surfaced in 2020, the band was hard at work on a rebuild and thus, the Strength recording sessions resulted, giving rise to a recalibrated force that is almost certain to earn AOTY consideration.

Strength arrives September 24th via Roadrunner Records. The album is available for pre-order – HERE. Stream “No Children Laughing Now” below.

Strength Tracklisting
1. Heroin
2. Downtown
3. When Will Gods Work Be Done
4. No Children Laughing Now
5. Destiny
6. Little Bird
7. Why
8. Just a Matter of Time
9. Hell is For Children
10. Summer Lightning
11. Instinct
12. Strength