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Vein.FM unleash bruising new single, “The Killing Womb” to introduce their sophomore album

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on January 5, 2022

This World Is Going to Ruin You arrives Amrch 4th via Cklosed Casket Activities and Nuclear Blast outside the United States.

Massachusetts aggressors Vein.FM have finally pulled back the curtain on their highly-anticipated sophomore album with the introduction of This World Is Going to Ruin You.

The album’s ominous outlook and bleak slant is a full exploration of isolation that was actually conceived prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Ironically, it’s as if Vein.FM consulted their crystal ball prior to penning the album as the last two years have seemingly played out in much the same way the album manifested.

Despite the coincidence, frontman Anthony DiDio in an interview with SPIN revealed that the timeline of the album saw the band shore up the details prior to the world hitting pause. “It’s not a COVID-themed album by any means,” DiDio explains. “I think it just ironically lined up. Even the title gets very old. It’s not like we were like, ‘Oh my God, the world sucks.’ But it is kind of weird how those things played into it.”

The album’s sonic introduction in the single “The Killing Womb” is a torrent of technicality that not only asserts a stylized take on brutality, but reiterates the band’s prowess as heavy music craftsmen. The sleek, refined production of Will Putney combined with the band’s surgical-like precision deliver an audio drubbing that manages to steer clear of becoming redundant. Heavy, nuanced, dynamic – suggesting that album number two for Vein.FM has the makings of being their most complete offering yet.

“Every release is like its own universe,” the band explains. “On Errorzone (Vein’s debut), we made a departure into another universe, sonically and visually. It was very futuristic and high-energy, and there were lots of elements we tapped into in order to fulfill our vision of that universe.”

Detailing the band’s evolution, Anthony DiDio reiterates how This World Is Going to Ruin You builds on what Errorzone established, “…it’s not a contrived nostalgia trip. We’re just naturally taking that part of the band to a fuller potential,” the vocalist  explains. “Errorzone was entering another world, while this record is coming home.”

This World Is Going to Ruin You arrives March 4th via Closed Casket Activities in the United States and Nuclear Blast Records internationally. The album is available for pre-order – HERE. Watch the terrifying visual for the introductory single, “The Killing Womb” below.

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