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Vio-lence returns with their first single in 29 years, “Flesh From Bone”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on January 10, 2022

‘Let The World Burn’ arrives March 4th via Metal Blade Records. The EP is the band’s first collection of original songs since 1993’s ‘Nothing to Gain’.

Bay Area thrash champions Vio-lence have delivered their first new single in nearly three decades with the unveiling of a brand-new five-minute ripper in “Flesh From Bone”. The track ushers in the new era of the pioneering outfit, officially commencing the countdown to their March 4th EP release, Let The World Burn – the band’s first collection of original tracks since 1993’s, Nothing to Gain.

This is the first VIO-LENCE song I had written in close to 30 years,” shares founding guitarist Phil Demmel. “I wanted to keep some of those early Eternal Nightmare (Vio-lence’s 1988 debut) qualities intact but infuse a lot of what I’ve culled into my songwriting arsenal over the decades. ‘Flesh From Bone’ has the frenetic picking/fingering riffs and the solo trade-offs that are pretty old-school, and I’m also wearing my influences on my sleeve with a few Exodus and Slayer inspired riffs.

Vio-lence frontman Sean Killian detailed the lyrical inspiration to compliment the intensity of the track, “‘Flesh From Bone’ reflects on the true suffering of man during the dark ages of history. Laws and rules of people like Vlad the Impaler were not to be broken, if you did your sentence would be impalement, or worse. To die in battle was to suffer.

The current iteration of the genre OGs ropes in a supporting roster of battle-tested creatives. In addition to the tandem of Demmel and Killian, Vio-lence’s original drummer Perry Strickland joins the ranks. Former FEAR FACTORY bassist Christian Olde Wolbers adds the band’s low-end with former OVERKILL guitarist Bobby Gustafson helming the attack on the axe alongside Demmel.

Taking inventory of the influence and legacy of band, Killian frames the future of Vio-lence’s in respect to the band’s earliest days. “For 34 years, a creation called Eternal Nightmare has been making memories for people around the world. Now, it is time to create some new memories in 2022,” Killian reflects. “I am very proud of the new music we created, and we are fortunate to have worked with some very creative people. Nothing too polished here, unless fragments of glass and broken razor blades are what you consider polished. I love to create, and we hope your heads explode when you hear the new VIO-LENCE!

Stream the latest single from Vio-lence, three decades in the making. The lyric video for “Flesh From Bone’ can be seen below.

Let The World Burn Track Listing
1. Flesh from Bone
2. Screaming Always
3. Upon Their Cross
4. Gato Negro
5. Let the World Burn

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