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Void of Vision complete their Chronicles EP series with the unveiling of ‘Underworld’

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on November 11, 2022

The finale of the ambitious EP series also features “ASMR” – the first single penned for the entire Chronicles collection.

Aussie heavy music outliers Void of Vision have completed their expansive Chronicles EP series with the surprise arrival of the final chapter in the imaginative saga, Chronicles III: Underworld. Drawing to a climatic close the succession of releases that began with 2021’s Chronicles I: Lust and swelled in artistry with the launch of Chronicles II: Heaven, the final EP punctuates the band’s inventive approach to musical intensity, delivering a deathblow in just three tracks.

Previously previewing the latest iteration of the project with the release of the firebomb of a single, “HELL HELL HELL”, the collective of Jack Bergin, James McKendrick, Mitch Fairlie, and George Pfaendner further underscored their disregard for convention in the space of heavy music. Implementing succinct instrumentation, powerful programming and a venomous spew from frontman Jack Bergin, the single, much like the entirety of the Chronicles saga, resonated as both volatile and visionary in its execution.

On Chronicles III: Underworld, Void of Vision establishes the full scope of their artistic range, summarizing the project with an emphatic closing statement. From the bombast of “Hell Hell Hell” to ominous pulse of “Neue Sicht” to the stylishly sinister throb of “ASMR”, Void of Vision approach their brand of aggression with unique articulation. Though still ascending as craftsmen, the collective has already displayed a keen ability to temper their assault with instances of artistry – making for a finished product that is both intense and intricate.

Fittingly, the finale in the third EP also touts an important full circle moment that reiterates the continuity of the project. Bergen explains how “ASMR” functioned as a unique anchor, “This track out of everything was funnily enough the first song we wrote for the whole CHRONICLES series during the pandemic and a piece of work we kept left aside to save for the final chapter. I’m fairly sure the vocal demo was the first thing I tracked on my laptop for this whole project.”

The frontman further detailed how the single really buoyed the project both stylistically and symbolically. “The simplicity of ASMR never once changed from there, we wanted to keep it extremely stripped back and open and build to a big finish. Yet in the final moments with the track in the studio, we decided to change up the finale completely, going against what was initially a much more ‘traditional’ VOV-sounding finish, and opting to challenge ourselves to really bring it home and cement this new experimental sound of ours. We took influences from a large culmination of favourites from the past few years including The Presets, Chanel Tres, and Nine Inch Nails and put it all together in a big fucked up blender together.”

Void Of Vision are set to unleash their brand of bombast live on a regional Australian tour kicking off in November with supports from The Beautiful Monument and Diamond Construct. Void of Vision have also been confirmed as a part of the historic Knotfest Australia lineup in 2023 alongside the likes of Slipknot, Parkway Drive, Megadeth, Northlane and many more. Get tickets and information on Knotfest Australia – HERE

Chronicles III: Underworld from Void of Vision is now available via UNFD. Get the EP – HERE. Stream the visualizer for “ASMR” below.

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