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Wargasm work through a turbulent 2020 with “Backyard Bastards”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on October 6, 2020

Watch the duo of Milkie Way and Sam Matlock indulge their dark side in their latest video.

The duo of Milkie Way and Sam Matlock have shared their cathartic, chaotic visual for their latest track, “Backyard Bastards.”

The stylized bloody violent video is the band’s way of working through the frustration and tumult of what has been a universally tough 2020. The band commented on the provocative nature of the video.

This is a heavy time for humanity, especially the younger generation. It would be wrong to pretend our minds don’t go to dark places from time to time – and sometimes the world needs a little necessary evil. It’s a playful vent, but aren’t you glad we just chose to vent this via a song?”

Recently singing to Locomotion, Wargasm is set to embark on their digital supporting run for YUNGBLUD on the ‘The Weird Time of Life Tour’ set for November. The band also has confirmed dates with both YUNGBLUD and CREEPER throughout the UK scheduled for March of 2021.

Watch the band’s latest visual for “Backyard Bastards”