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Watch the glorious gore of Cannibal Corpse’s latest music video “Necrogenic Resurrection”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on April 19, 2021

Celebrating the first week of release of their fifteenth studio album ‘Violence Unimagined’ the death metal OGs deliver buckets of blood with their last David Brodsky-directed visual.

There will be blood and buckets of it if Cannibal Corpse is involved.

The Floridian OGs of death metal are still mid-stride of their victory lap with the celebration of their fifteenth studio album, ‘Violence Unimagined’. Adding more momentum to their charge however, the band has debuted a brand new visual directed by David Brodsky for the ripper, “Necrogenic Resurrection” and the violence is in fact, unimagined.

The dead come back to life, violent impalement, brutal bludgeoning beyond recognition, and blood by the buckets, the music video is not for the squeamish – holding true to the band’s brand of unflinching brutality both in sight and sound. The 3-minute assault plays out like brilliant horror short film set to a searing score with Erik Rutan, Alex Webster, Rob Barrett, Paul Mazurkiewicz, and the unmistakable throat of George Corpsegrinder Fisher unleashing all out hell.

The video is the latest offering from the universally-praised Violence Unimagined which is currently available from Metal Blade Records – HERE. Watch the video for “Necrogenic Resurrection” below… and prepare yourself.

Violence Unimagined track-listing
1. Murderous Rampage
2. Necrogenic Resurrection
3. Inhumane Harvest
4. Condemnation Contagion
5. Surround, Kill, Devour
6. Ritual Annihilation
7. Follow the Blood
8. Bound and Burned 
9. Slowly Sawn
10. Overtorture
11. Cerements of the Flayed 

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