Watch the legendary 2005 Roadrunner United footage featuring Corey Taylor, Paul Gray, Joey Jordison and Scott Ian of Anthrax performing "(sic)" - Knotfest

Watch the legendary 2005 Roadrunner United footage featuring Corey Taylor, Paul Gray, Joey Jordison and Scott Ian of Anthrax performing “(sic)”

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on January 13, 2023

Preview the reissue of The All-Star Sessions and Roadrunner United: The Concert with a glimpse of the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

Back in 2005 Roadrunner Records celebrated the 25th anniversary of the banner with an ambitious project that would would ultimately become a landmark moment in heavy music history. Spearheaded by then UK general manager Mark Palmer and Roadrunner USA VP of A&R Monte Conner, Roadrunner United structured four “team captains” to lead some 57 artists from 45 various Roadrunner bands, past and present on a collaborative album that was massive in style and scope and since, unparalleled in ambition.

Enlisting then Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, Machine Head’s Robb Flynn, and Trivium’s Matt Heafy, The All-Star Sessions was an 18-track collection of heavy music mastery – a compilation album MTV hailed as, “a testament to Roadrunner’s far-reaching impact on the genre”.

Last year, Roadrunner Records announced the reissue of the essential compilation set for March 10th of 2023. Coupled with the reissue of album, Roadrunner Records confirmed the release of the once-in-a-lifetime December 2005 concert celebrating the project – an anniversary party that took over the Nokia Theater in New York City. The event was loaded with star power and featured performances from labels greats past and present, as well as musicians that did not originally perform on the All-Star Sessions album.

Of the luminaries in attendance that historic night, Corey Taylor, team captain Joey Jordison and Slipknot bassist Paul Gray participated in a moment that will forever be remembered as the stuff of heavy music lore. Joined onstage by thrash pioneer Scott Ian of Anthrax, the collective performed an unforgettable rendition of the Slipknot classic, “(sic)” from the band’s culture shifting self-titled Roadrunner Records’ debut. The performance proved especially rare, with Jordison, Gray and Taylor performing the Slipknot track unmasked.

With the tragic passing of Jordison and Gray in the years since, the audio and video footage from that special night have become a vital artifact in the history of heavy music and a testament to their impact as artists. The video from the legendary performance can now be seen below.

“It was incredible to be part of a lineup of such insanely heavy hitters. WOW. And to have had the opportunity to play with Joey and Paul that night, with Corey singing — definitely a Make-A-Wish moment for me,” says Ian.

The video offers just a glimpse of a night that saw 39 musicians representing 25 different Roadrunner bands, performing 25 songs from 19 different artists. The core band consisting of Dino Cazares, Adam Duce, Paul Gray, Joey Jordison, Andreas Kisser, and Roy Mayorga, along a myriad of special guests took on classics from Decide to Type O Negative, Obituary to Chimaira, Mercyful Fate to Sepultura combined with the original selections from The All-Star Sessions – the concert was one for the books.

Both the original All-Star Sessions album and the anniversary concert will be made widely available in various formats, including a 3-LP set on March 10, 2023. Pre-orders for the concert album, which will be available on physical and digital formats and presented in HD for the first time, are now available – HERE

Roadrunner Records offered an initial preview of the totality of the reissue with the performance video of ”The End” featuring Matt Heafy, Dino Cazares, Nadja Peulen, Logan Mader, Rhys Fulber and Roy Mayorga. Stream the HD video below.

Biohazard’ // “Punishment”
Madball // “Set It Off”
Stormtroopers of Death // “March of The S.O.D.”
Life of Agony // “River Runs Red”
Obituary // “The End Complete”
Mercyful Fate // “Curse of The Pharaohs”
King Diamond // ”Abigail”
Annihilator // “Alison Hell”
Deicide // “Dead By Dawn”
Trivium // “Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr”
Killswitch Engage // “My Last Serenade”
Chimaira // “Pure Hatred”
Fear Factory // “Replica”
Type O Negative // “Black No. 1”
Roadrunner United // “Tired ‘N Lonely”
Stone Sour // “Brother”
Roadrunner United // “The Rich Man”
Roadrunner United // “The Dagger”
Roadrunner United // “The End”
Soulfly // “Eye For An Eye”
Sepultura // “Refuse/Resist”
Slipknot // “Surfacing”
Machine Head // “Davidian”
Slipknot // “(sic)”
Sepultura // “Roots Bloody Roots”

“The Dagger”
“The Enemy”
“Annihilation by the Hands of God” 
 “In the Fire”
“The End”
“Tired ‘n Lonely”
 “Independent (Voice of the Voiceless)” 
“Dawn of a Golden Age”
“The Rich Man” 
“No Way Out”
 “Baptized in the Redemption”
 “Blood & Flames”
“Constitution Down”
“I Don’t Wanna Be (A Superhero)” 
 “Army of the Sun”
 “No Más Control” 
“Enemy of the State”

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