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Watch Trent Reznor’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on November 9, 2020

The architect of NIN was inducted by Iggy Pop and thanked his various collaborators in his sincere speech.

This weekend Trent Reznor and Nine inch Nails were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. During his acceptance speech, Reznor used his time to thank his fellow inductees of Nine Inch Nails including, Atticus Ross, Robin Finck, Allesandro Cortini, Ilan Rubin, Danny Lohner and Chris Vrenna.

The frontman would also go on to thank the ensemble cast that has contributed to the universe of NIN including Charlie Clouser, James Woolley, Rich Patrick, Josh Freese, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Jerome Dillon, Aaron North, Jeff Ward, and Jeordie White.

Reznor would make his speech all about everyone else that has been a part of his musical journey, adding, “Throughout the years I’ve benefited from a strong collection of people around me that’ve offered everything from encouragement to guidance to a kick in the ass when needed. These include Jimmy Iovine, John Silva, Marc Geiger, Ross Rosen, Alan Moulder, Rick Rubin, Zia Modabber, Bill Harper, David Fincher, Jerome Crooks, Steve Barnett, Jim Guerinot and John Malm. You’re all appreciated and this is for you, too.”

After thanking his wife and children for keeping him humble and “making everything worthwhile,” Reznor punctuated his time by addressing the fans.

“And for the Nine Inch Nails fans out there… We’ve wound up in some weird places together, and you’re an intense bunch that can drive me out of my mind, but you’re the best. This journey’s far from over if I have any say in it, so let’s stop fucking around patting ourselves on the back and get to it. Hope to see you all in the flesh soon.”

Watch the complete speech below.

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