Pulse of the Maggots: Unsigned Underground 9.14.20

Posted by Chris Hudson in Pulse of the Maggots on September 15, 2020

Another fresh batch of impressive unsigned bands from the underground.

Another fresh batch of impressive unsigned bands from the underground.

Exanimate bring a variety bag of post-hardcore and metal goodies on their new track. Unrelenting and frantically lashing – “Mosaic Warfare” evokes deep introspective emotion on a fine standout track.

Russia’s GOSPOD remain one of the most refreshing and captivating listens. On “Amen” the band continues elevating their genre with a moving, yet wrenching, attack in a journey structured on par with high quality filmmaking. Check the full EP ‘Amen’ here.

Planting their home flag in Newcastle, Australia, Evocatus brings the battle riffs as they pillage across the genre. With obvious influences in Amon Amarth, “Warriors of the Sea” previews the major travels and adventures this band has ahead with pounding axes, bruising cannonballs and wailing solo arrows. Their new album, ‘Path to Tartarus’ drops Oct 30th here.

Out of Norway, Once Awake throw down on “Last Days”. Pulsating and devastating; impressive fretwork expand this into high-tier metal with active rock appeal.

Portraits levels the silence with an arsenal of talent on “Disbelief”. Finding one part to focus on is difficult, but the track definitely levels up when the winding shredding kicks in. With a full-length ‘At My Darkest” looming for release in a week, there’s sure to be more metalcore greatness coming.

Trap metal artist MUGXTSU out of Montreal, Québec drops his assault of a track “Crash and Die” featuring LORD DISTORTION, off his just released EP ‘Tape Memory II’. “Crash and Die” vibes before absolutely ripping through a fury of annihilating screams and intrusive beat invasions.

From Iran, Confess unleash their demanding monster of a track “Eat What You Kill”. About as intimating lyrically and sonically as they come, Confess leave nothing behind and destroy everything in pursuit.

Self-proclaimed, raw stonerdome act Onoskelis from Stockholm, Sweden shines some throwback, outer-space Sabbath vibes on their new album ‘Good for Two‘. “Beyond the Riff’t​.​.​.” explores all these facets on a futuristic space odyssey that leaves the mind far from the outset.

Andromida, also known by his legal name – Ramon Gutierrez, brings metal to the gaming world on this intro song for Seabrehh Gaming. Legally blind since an early age, Ramon taught himself guitar completely by ear and has blessed us with this heavyweight in “The Abyss”. Hammering away on the guitar will be the take away, but the synths and keys add that extra element ripe for securing the growing partnership of metal and gaming.

Marina unleashes chaos for three straight minutes with the help of Outline in Color’s Skaggs on their newest track, “Facts in Files”. Kickstarting metalcore in their home country of Czech Republic, Marina displays the talent that should make them household names everywhere.

LA’s touch me im sick kicks off their career with “Heartthrob of The Year”, an aggressive post-hardcore wailing. Impressive songwriting skills keep this track refreshing – the band knows when to pull back and when to unload allowing the track to peak at all the right times, crafting a quality listen.