Riley Gale of Power Trip has died

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on August 25, 2020

The news of Gale’s death was confirmed in a statement published on the band’s Twitter account.

In a statement released via Power Trip’s Twitter account, the band has confirmed that frontman Riley Gale has passed away.

Riley Gale was just 34 years old and considered one of the most intriguing voices emerging in heavy music. He was recently featured on the Body Count track, “Point The Finger” and was known for his articulate stance on social issues and his charitable nature.

Professionally, he was the voice for Power Trip, arguably one of the most in-demand bands in metal. Known for their potent live shows and their versatility in meshing well with fans of all genres of aggressive music, Riley’s presence onstage was undeniable.

The following statement was issued from the band’s Twitter account.