Hell Bent for Metal Special #9 - Camp Classic: Judas Priest - Killing Machine - Knotfest

Hell Bent for Metal Special #9 – Camp Classic: Judas Priest – Killing Machine

Posted by Matt Rushton in Culture on May 5, 2022

In a special episode of the LGBTQ+ heavy metal podcast, Tom & Matt dive deep into the profoundly NSFW gay relevance of Judas Priest’s classic album Killing Machine.

Hell Bent For Metal's ninth special episode is another Camp Classic special – where they take a look at a work of metal that spoke to them as queers and explain why – this time looking at Killing Machine, the 1978 classic album from the metal gods themselves, Judas Priest. Tom and Matt start of the discussion briefly touching on their love of Priest throughout the eras, including their last two albums proving that they've very much still got it, before moving on to give a queer-perspective overview of the album as a whole. This includes things such as the fact the whole album sounds like an absolute gay-club party, and the fact that Rob Halford is all sorts of randy across the whole 35 minute run-time. There's also discussion on how he was hiding in plain sight at the time, confusing straight people whilst making his sexuality clear enough to other
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