Hyro The Hero and Brandon Saller of Atreyu discuss their collaboration "Legendary" and rock music's massive mixtape 'Kids Against the Monsters' - Knotfest

Hyro The Hero and Brandon Saller of Atreyu discuss their collaboration “Legendary” and rock music’s massive mixtape ‘Kids Against the Monsters’

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Series on April 22, 2021

Veteran journalist Ryan J. Downey begins an interview series with Hyro The Hero to examine the details and roster of special guests on his forthcoming Better Noise Music mixtape.

Emerging as one of the more dynamic, intriguing voices in the space of hard rock, Houston-native Hyro The Hero managed to gain undeniable traction during a particularly stagnant 2020 with a succession of single releases.

Taking command with the anthemic collaboration with Disturbed frontman David Draiman, the track “We Believe,” Hyro began a steady trickle of tracks that not only asserted his stock in the genre, but showcased his versatility in boasting a roster of genre heavyweights that meshed dynamically well with Hyro’s stylistic delivery.

Shortly thereafter, Hyro debuted his joint effort with Chad Gray of Mudvayne/HellYeah fame in the banger “Fight“. Kicking off the new year, Hyro would keep his momentum rolling with the release of the towering tandem with Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills in the colossal “Retaliation Generation“. The groundswell was becoming evident and while the world was certainly aware of who Hyro was prior, the repeated wins on wax served as an emphatic reminder that a movement was in motion.

Bringing the singles together one umbrella, Hyro The Hero would meld the mixtape model with the culture of the rock universe in the announcement of his ambitious compilation of collaborations with his Better Noise Music arrival, Kids Against The Monsters. The project features Hyro serving as the musical ringleader with an ensemble cast of some of rock music’s biggest and brightest contributing to a collection of songs that thrive outside the boundaries of genre. With three of the songs already introduced, Hyro punctuated the announcement with the offering of another sample in “Legendary” featuring metalcore mainstay Brandon Saller of Atreyu.

To better illuminate the mixtape and the man behind it, Knotfest has enlisted venerated journalist Ryan J. Downey to moderate a series of interviews with not only Hyro, but a revolving door of the project’s featured artists. The discussions will detail how the artists came together, the convergence of cultures the project emphasizes, and how the future of rock music continues to evolve with the kind of ingenuity showcased with Kids Against The Monsters.

For the first installment of the interview series, the mistape’s most recent special guest in Brandon Saller joins Hyro The Hero in a discussion with Ryan J. Downey to talk all things “Legendary” from the perspective of both voices carrying the powerful track. The duo discuss how they met, the mutual respect they share, and how the opportunity to link and work was a no-brainer.

Watch the episode in the Mixtape Dive Series featuring Hyro The Hero, Brandon Saller and hosted by Ryan J. Downey below.

Stream/Download “Legendary” from Hyro The Hero featuring Brandon Saller of Atreyu – HERE

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