Slipknot release a series of puzzles featuring the band’s first three album covers

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on April 22, 2021

1999’s self-titled album, 2001’s Iowa, and 2004’s Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses) will all be featured in the series.

While the masked nine have a long establishes reputation for being cerebrally menacing, Slipknot is now invading your headspace in a very wholesome, albeit artistic way.

Slipknot has unveiled a series of 500-piece jigsaw puzzles that will feature each of the band’s first three album covers as the completed work. 1999’s self-titled debut, Slipknot’s sophomore album in Iowa, and the 2004 follow-up in Vol 3. (The Subliminal Verses) will anchor the first run of puzzles that will come in vinyl-sized boxes.

The puzzles will feature the original album artwork and particularly with the ‘Iowa’ puzzle, the band will run with the​ foil that graced the OG edition of the album. “Iowa was originally released in a foil sleeve and, to celebrate the album’s 20-year anniversary, this has been faithfully recreated on this, the first foil effect 500-piece rock saw,” the band issued in a statement. Each of the puzzles can be seen below.

The Slipknot album puzzles are currently available for pre-order – HERE