Tallah delivers unhinged visual for L.E.D.

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in News on September 11, 2020

The band’s debut Matriphagy arrives October 2nd on Earache Records.

Delving further into the disturbing narrative of their ambitious concept album Matriphagy, Tallah have unveiled their latest visual for the track, “L.E.D.”

Resuming the storyline where the band’s previously released, “Overconfidence” and “Placenta” left off, the progression of the plot details the harrowing reality of a son imprisoned for decades by an overprotective mother. Faced with no other option, the son must inevitably commit the ultimate sin to free himself from her clutches.

The layered concept mirrors the same meticulously-articulate approach the band has in creating the music that pairs with the storyline.

On “L.E.D.,” complex timing, powerful song dynamics, and a masterful meld of influences ranging from nu-metal to hardcore, comprise a track that equally inventive as it is aggressive. Tallah’s obvious attention to detail is just one aspect of what makes the band such an intriguing contributor to the future of heavy music.

The band’s frontman Justin Bonitz details context of the latest single.  

“In terms of Matriphagy, this song takes place right after Placenta. Lyrically, it represents a relapse (non-drug/alcohol-related). With Matriphagy being a concept album, all the songs flow into each other, especially the lyrics. The themes build and revolve around the other tracks, and “L.E.D.” relies heavily on the messages from “Placenta” and “Overconfidence.”

If “Overconfidence” is about realizing your flaws/who is controlling you, and “Placenta” is about cutting loose from that, L.E.D. is about being a coward, turning back/giving in, getting angry you were not strong enough to deal with the situation, but blaming it all on someone else instead of taking responsibility for your own failure.”

Tallah’s highly-anticipated debut Matriphagy arrives from Earache Records on October 2nd. The album is currently available for pre-order – HERE